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We are ever so happy to see you. Welcome to our website and welcome to our garden centre which, to be honest, we call garden centre a bit reluctantly. A plant shop would be much more accurate. It appears that the English language lacks a word that describes a place where only, or most commonly, plants and flowers are sold rather than anything else, yet it is not a nursery that grows them in open fields. We do not stock gnomes and other plastic stuff Made In China, we do not stock tools or hoses. Simply because all of this is on shelves of majority of hobby markets and DIY stores, but we are here to sell plants. They occupy 99% of our selling area. Obviously along with that we have the best substrates and fertilizers available – organic and conventional, mulching bark – standard and luxury, and solutions against pests and diseases that are, again, in both organic and conventional quality. Our plants are predominantly destined for Central European climate which covers USDA zones 5 to 7, and we ship them all over continental Europe and the British Isles. More about the shipping options here. We do not sell seeds, cuttings, bulbs, or annuals.

Ever since we started in 2005 we knew that we wanted to offer something different from what was omnipresent in other nurseries and hobby markets. We could see that the gardeners and their yards were longing for different, interesting and possibly unique species and varieties that would add an extra feeling to their beds and corners. That was why we selected only a few dozens of exquisite and uncommon plants. It was a great experience seeing how surprised the customers were visiting us for the first time. And that was our aim. To bring other plants, superb quality, and smiles to your faces. We specialize in evergreen broadleaved plants and magnolias. No wonder that our flagship is a species that belongs to both these groups: bull bay magnolia (see its flower on the left). Over more than a decade this queen of flowering trees has proven its hardiness and good growth in zone 6 – selected varieties, and truly, it was a reason that gave birth to our small business. Now we have two garden centres, one of which is in Prague, our capital, and we sell thousands of plants every year, and this magnolia is a key feature in almost every garden we landscape.

Already in 2013 we announced our programme for going green in as many aspects as possible. Our plants are cared for using organic solutions, and when we landscape on our customers’ premises we use solely organic-based substrates and fertilizers that support healthy life of the soil, and do not cause any harm to useful organisms in it, or pollute groundwater. Ecology is not a fashion, it is our ‘default setup’, and extending our eco-passion we decided to open a greengrocer stand in our Prague branch. More than 50% of the produce comes from eco-farming and is organic certified (here it is marked as BIO). The organic fruit and vegetables are not only from Czech farms, we sell quality produce from all over Europe including South European fruit, as well as a few basic (sub)tropicals such as bananas or pineapples. For better comfort ordering goods from home we launched our BIO e-shop which is up and running, so far in Czech only. but with pictures and clear figures so you could easily to make an order for organic boxes that will be delivered either with your order for plants, or separately to selected destinations at given transport fees, unless you can come and shop in person. We guarantee an experience of excellent taste and perfect health.

Back to plants. Are you eagerly waiting for what's new in spring? Check our Catalogue where we continuously add new items that will be available in the coming gardening season. Already now you can select anything you like to make a waiting order in winter for collection or shipping in spring. If you are hungry for novelties, keep on visiting our News section where every new entry will be shown. Our attractive Discount Programme for returning customers offers great deals, including Winter Discounts which can save you up to 20% on all plants irrespective of size and price. Gift Tokens in multiple values are also available if you want to give them to the ones you love when you know they will be happy to shop here.

We are very happy to see how popular our Hobby Collection has become over the last three years. Thank you for that. Hobby Collection comprises of plants in the smallest sizes we can offer but not compromising the quality. We will keep on feeding this section so you can afford some of our rarities without having to pay a lot. Still, the majority of our goods is in the mid-sized field. These plants are potted in containers of anything between 7.5 to about 18 liters. You can often choose between standard quality and DeLuxe quality which presents only the best looking plants that, having received some extra care, look great even in the container. When we established our garden centre 10 years ago, we got known for our motto ‘The size matters’. It still does. You can always find large specimen shrubs and trees, too. They are available in pots of maximum 120 liters so that a maximum of 2 people can handle them in your garden without any machinery. It saves you money and worry.

Lastly, a few words about a very important field – landscaping. It is as inspiring as ever. We like creating new gardens as well as reconstructing old ones. I recon the ratio is almost 50:50. To see some of our projects please visit the Landscaping page. Not all are shown, obviously, but a good selection of various types of jobs we did. And we liked doing all of them. I would not like to use the overrated expression ‘they were a challenge’, but I have to admit that each one taught us something, as well as gave us something in return. You know, to be a gardener can be a tough job sometimes, bringing backaches and other pains but is highly rewarding. Because we can see the result, or at least a part of it, at the end of every day.

Let me wish you a lot of good results and a beautiful year. See you soon!

Milan Havlis

And if you have not been to see us yet, have a peek at our garden centres images below. Clicking on either picture will open a gallery of photos.

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