We're open!01.03.2019
It's the first day of March and we are here, as usual, ready to open our gates with the new growing and selling season. All winter long we were working hard putting together an exclusive range of plants, wider than last year, and obviously in uncompromising quality.

The goods will be delivered to our garden centres during the whole spring, and if you have an order placed please wait until we notify you that it's been completed. It may take a while if your order needs plants from several growers.

And while waiting take a look at what's blooming and beautiful right now. Or if you have a picture of something dashing from your garden send it over if you like to share your joy, we will gladly show it to others :-) We wish you a fantastic spring!
We're open!01.03.2019
Typical plants for late winter are fragrant witch hazels. We get some more every year, mostly thanks to Mr.Hachmann from Germany, who apart from breeding rhododendrons has possibly the largest collection of witch hazels in Europe.

This spring we will have three new varieties, this is the first one called Robert. It boasts rich golden orange flowers and slower, compact growth.

In the previous picture was a classic one - Jelena. Both the varieties have a strong, sweet and spicy scent.
We're open!01.03.2019
On the contrary Pallida has only sweet fragrance without any spiciness.
We're open!01.03.2019
What we said about witch hazels holds good for Lenten roses as well. Also here we search for new varieties every year and are happy to have so many novelties this spring. And get ready - there'll be a few more :-)

This one is called Elly. It had its first flowers in December, they lost colour by now but not firmness, and start to make plenty of new buds and flowers to show off until May.
We're open!01.03.2019
This beauty is my favourite - Sophie. It has freckled cheeks on yellow background.
We're open!01.03.2019
This steel blue beauty is a dwarf among cedars. Its name is Feelin' Blue and the plant in the picture is almost totally left to its own devices - no staking or shaping. We just cut off a couple of branches that were lying on the ground.
We're open!01.03.2019
Of course I will tell you what's behind the cedar - the emerald green cushion. It is possibly our oldest hebe called New Zealand. We never touched it with scissors, it is flawless without any help, and irrespective of frost, such fresh green all winter long, and very hardy.
We're open!01.03.2019
If you are looking for a glowing torch to shine through your garden in winter get one of these winter colouring pines.

This one is called Golden Glow.
We're open!01.03.2019
Winter Gold i a little smaller, same golden yellow.
We're open!01.03.2019
This tempting colour combination is my neighbour's hedge. Vivid red stems of Tatarian dogwood and green-leaved species of evergreen silverthorn.
Evergreen hedging plants11.02.2019
Hello there, plant lovers! We are back after some time. We have been working hard putting together the spring season assortment, and now we have a thrilling offer: EVERGREEN HEDGES. We have been selling most of the plants on our webshop but now we are bringing a chance to pre-order larger quantities for your spring plans. Many of these shrubs are available only as root-balled plants in springtime which means much cheaper price than potted plants but available for a limited time.

1. The plants will not be physically present in our garden centres i.e. you cannot come and check them for future purchase. Most of them are TO ORDER only and will be delivered from the growers based on your concrete orders.

2. Given that these plants are destined for hedges we consider larger quantities per order for which we have attractive discounts: 10% for 10-19 plants, and 20% off for 20 or more plants. Minimum order quantity is 10 plants per size and variety.

3. A deposit of 50% of the order value prior discount is required. If you decide to prepay your complete order a further discount of 5% is added for payments within 3 days from order confirmation during February (winter discount).

4. These plants are commonly in high demand and sell out quickly in early spring. We recommend to secure your choice and quantity quickly before they vanish.

So all has been said, let's browse, shall we?
Evergreen hedging plants11.02.2019
Portugal laurel is probably our top favourite broadleaf evergreen heding plant. Hardy and elegant.

ANGUSTIFOLIA - compact growth, no need for pruning, up to 3m tall
40-50 cm, 3l pot, 299 Kč
60-70 cm, 5l pot, 559 Kč
Evergreen hedging plants11.02.2019
VARIEGATA - variegated foliage, slow, prostrate growth, up to 2-2,5m tall

30-40 cm, 3liter pot, 339 Kč
40-50 cm, 4liter pot, 580 Kč

Evergreen hedging plants11.02.2019
BRENELIA - undulated leaves, faster, upright growth, red twigs, 3-4m tall

30-40 cm, 3liter pot, 459 Kč
Evergreen hedging plants11.02.2019
Cherry laurels - classic and beautiful. Some are large, some are compact.

NOVITA - possibly the tallest of all, rapid growth 50-70 cm per year, 5-6m tall, large leaves

40-60 cm, 3liter pot, 269 Kč
60-80 cm, root ball, 399 Kč
70-90 cm, 9liter pot, 640 Kč
Evergreen hedging plants11.02.2019
CAUCASICA - upright, moderate growth

40-60 cm, 3liter pot, 269 Kč
Evergreen hedging plants11.02.2019
ETNA - slow growing, possibly the most beautiful, very dense and uniform, slightly undulated foliage, up to 2m tall

40-50 cm 3liter pot 269 Kč
50-60 cm 5liter pot 480 Kč
Evergreen hedging plants11.02.2019
OTTO LUYKEN - the shortest of them, up to 1.5m tall, very dark green and highly glossy leaves, prostrate growth

30-40 cm 3liter pot 299 Kč
40-60 cm 7liter pot 750 Kč
Evergreen hedging plants11.02.2019
Lily-of-the-valley shrubs make unique hedges with ther narrow leaves that emerge pink, red or burgundy twice or even three timer per season. The fastest growing (20-25 cm per year) are


20-30 cm 2liter pot 299 Kč
Evergreen hedging plants11.02.2019
Ever more ambitious is a hedge from evergreen mbull bay magnolia. Large, leathery, dark green and highly glossy leaves, and huge white flowers for 2-4 months in summer make a stunning display. Here are the most useful varieties:

ALTA - slender growth, narrower leaves, smaller flowers 50-60 cm 5liter pot 1 030 Kč

BRACKEN'S BROWN BEAUTY - very glossy leaves 40-60 cm 4liter pot 599 Kč

FRANCOIS TREYVE - oval habit, slightly rounded leaves 40-60 cm 4liter pot 599 Kč

LITTLE GEM - compact, almost dwarf habit, smaller, very glossy leaves, smaller flower for a long time, need a very warm location (least hardy) 80-100 cm 10liter pot 790 Kč
Evergreen hedging plants11.02.2019
So called blue hollies are the hardiest of all. Female plants bear red or yellow fruit with a male plant mixed in the hedge (1 male for max.10 female).

BLUE MAID - female, red berries, up to 3,5m
20-40 cm 2liter pot 299 Kč

GOLDEN GIRL - female, yellow berries, up to 4m
20-40 cm 2liter pot 299 Kč

HECKENFEE - female, red berries, up to 3,5m
20-40 cm 2liter pot 299 Kč

male fruitless varieties (pollinators) are HECKENSTAR or HECKENPRACHT
20-40 cm 2liter pot 299 Kč
Evergreen hedging plants11.02.2019
A famous hedging plant with red new leaves is photinia. They grow fast and can be pruned in any way. Here are a few varieties out of the many that are available these days:

RED ROBIN - the classic, fast growing tall and wide 3-4m
40-60 cm 3liter pot 329 Kč
60-80 cm 5liter pot 510 Kč
100-125 cm 12liter pot 980 Kč

CARRÉ ROUGE - recent introduction of very upright, dense growth, smaller, darker leaves, up to 3m
50-70 cm 5liter pot 599 Kč
100-110 cm 15liter pot 1850 Kč

Evergreen hedging plants11.02.2019
Top popular are evergreen silverthorns now. They grow very fast, can be pruned in any way, and produce abundance of tiny, heavily fragrant flowers in autumn. They grow some 3 to 4m tall. Here are green-leaves plants:

x EBBINGEI (the hybrid species) - rapid growth
30-50 cm 3liter pot 299 Kč
80-100 cm 9liter pot 640 Kč

COMPACTA - compact, more upright growth
60-80 cm 7,5liter pot 620 Kč

Evergreen hedging plants11.02.2019
And here are the variegated:

GILT EDGE - green centre, yellow margin (in the picture)
40-60 cm 7,5liter pot 590 Kč
80-100 cm 5liter pot 665 Kč

LIMELIGHT - yellow centre, lime green and dark green margin
30-40 cm 3liter pot 299 Kč

VIVELEG - green centre, yellow margin, more compact
25-30 cm 3liter pot 339 Kč
40-60 cm 7liter pot 590 Kč
Evergreen hedging plants11.02.2019
Are you a bamboo lover? Here are two main types: Phyllostachys is a running bamboo growing 4 to 8m tall.

30-40 cm 2liter pot 559 Kč
60-80 cm 5liter pot 669 Kč
Evergreen hedging plants11.02.2019
Fargesia is a clumping bamboo genus. Appreciated for better hardiness and not so tall growth (about 3m - variety pending). The plant tops are often arching.

JUMBO - large leaves, arching (in the picture)
40-60 cm 5liter pot 750 Kč

STANDING STONE - stronger, upright growth
40-60 cm 5liter pot 750 Kč

Evergreen hedging plants11.02.2019
We are not forgetting those who prefer hedging conifers. The tallest and fastest growing is a Leyland cypress. It is also used as a windbreak. But if you prune it regularly it will create a dense, impenetrable, handsome hedge.

80-100 cm root ball 399 Kč
150-175 cm 12liter pot 1650 Kč
200-250 cm root ball 2360 Kč
Evergreen hedging plants11.02.2019
Many years ago I photographed this hedge made of Lawson cypress in Germany. It was quite something for me to see such a colour combination, well, each to his own. However, can you imagine how beautiful the hedge might be from one colour only? The varieties are:

COLUMNARIS - steel blue to blue-green, fastigiate, commonly 3-4m tall
80-100 cm root ball 399 Kč
50-60 cm 3liter pot 399 Kč
140-180 cm root ball 1450 Kč

IVONNE - yellow-green, slightly wider, commonly 3-4m tall
60-80 cm root ball 359 Kč
40-50 cm 2liter pot 299 Kč
120-140 cm root ball 1290 Kč

Evergreen hedging plants11.02.2019
Hybrid yew makes only dark green needles and grows slower but denser than red yew. Its height is between 3-4m in maturity and can be clipped and pruned in virtually any way because it resprouts even from bare wood.

HICKSII - female with red berries, V-shape
50-60 cm 2liter pot 299 Kč

HILLII - fruitless, columnar, narrower, slightly shorter
40-50 cm 2liter pot 259 Kč
Evergreen hedging plants11.02.2019
The last bit is a plant that has been heavily overused in Central Europe which is why it is often rejected - arborvitae (thuja). I can understand that and agree with limiting their use. Still, there are a couple of handsome and compact varieties which need no pruning and remain beautifully coloured even in winter when most other varieties turn brown.

SMARAGD (EMERALD) - rich green
40-60 cm 2liter pot 199 Kč
60-80 cm root ball 299 Kč
100-125 cm root ball 459 Kč
140-160 cm root ball 1150 Kč
180-200 cm root ball 2150 Kč

GOLDEN SMARAGD - golden yellow variety
40-50 cm 3liter pot 499 Kč
25-30 cm 2liter pot 359 Kč

Now the offer is complete. Have a good look and choose the best type that will suit your needs and your garden style. Looking forward to your orders!
New year is here01.01.2019
Welcome in 2019! Are you looking forward for everything it will bring? Or are you so great to realize that the best is happening right now? :-) The weather outside is still quite good so I split my time between siting at the computer introducing new plants on our website, and out in the garden doing some cleaning and finishing touches. What a rewarding job raking out all the old leaves from under the shrubs and perennials, leaving the bed clean, adding new bark mulch here and there, and cutting the odd branch. You, too, can shape and prune plants that require cutting in winter such as maples, ashes, apples and pears, grapewine, and our native plants like willows, hornbeams, beeches, birches, hardy conifers, and those which bleed sap if cut in early spring.

Just before the holidays I tuned to a regional radio, and was surprised by the high level of the conversation I heard. A professional in the field of holistic healing was trying to explain why people often give up their New Year's resolutions. It's because we are now, according to the rhythm of nature, in the calm and resting phase of life - the element of water. This period is great for planning, possibly looking back but I would not exaggerate that much, or simply thinking about what would make us happier when all wakes up again afetr winter. All at the stage of planning. So forget about buying expensive gym memberships until say mid February when the nature starts to yawn, waking up slowly as the element of water leaves, making room for wood, the element that brings activity. If your will to go weightlifting and running remains just go ahead and enjoy it because then your chances to stick with it are much higher!

I feel the same about gardening. Makes much more sense, doesn't it? If you like your garden the same way I do and cannot imagine being without it longer that a few days, go outside and clean the beds or prune something. But leave the major changes till later. Now just imagine them. And you will be surprised how much your plan will improve by the time you will actually make it happen in spring. Our e-shop with plants for 2019 is already open and we keep on adding new plants almost every day. You can make your orders now to make sure you will get the plants you are planning to grow, just don't ask us to send it yet unless you need it as a gift for someone. Wait until spring when your plans will meet the active phase and your garden will thank you for it. So enjoy and see you soon! :-)

NB: Dragonfly is the symbol of transformation. And as a play on words in Czech language its name means to consider things, to contemplate.















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