Frosty winter29.12.2007
It has been nearly a month of beautiful sunny weather with strong frosts at night. When there is heavy fog during the night it will devaporate into this gorgeous hoarfrost. The most picturesque are the evergreens where the shapes of leaves and needles are enhanced to its maximum. So pay a visit to our frosty fairy-tala land :-)
winter beauty ... Mahonia x media "Charity"29.12.2007
winter beauty ... Osmanthus aquifolium29.12.2007
winter beauty ... Pinus nigra29.12.2007
winter beauty ... Trachycarpus fortunei29.12.2007
winter beauty ... Prunus lusitanica29.12.2007
winter beauty ... Ilex aquifolium "Argenteomarginata"29.12.2007
winter beauty ... Ilex "Nellie R.Stevens"29.12.2007
winte beauty ... Ilex x meserveae "Golden Girl"29.12.2007
winter beauty ... Chamaecyparis obtusa "Nana Gracilis"29.12.2007
winter beauty ... Nandina domestica "Firepower"29.12.2007
winter beauty ... Osmanthus heterophyllus "Tricolor"29.12.2007
winter beauty ... Magnolia grandiflora "Brackens Brown Beauty"29.12.2007
winter beauty ... Pireis japonica "Debutante"29.12.2007
winter beauty ... Pinus mugo "Mughus"29.12.2007
winter beauty ... Hedera helix "Arborescens"29.12.2007
winter beauty ... Kalmia latifolia f.myrtifolia29.12.2007
winter beauty ... Cotinus coggyria "Royal Purple"29.12.2007
winter beauty ... Cedrus libani29.12.2007
winter beauty ... Ilex "Nellie R.Stevens" listy29.12.2007
Merry Christmas18.12.2007
Enjoy the Season with all that is to it. We may be luck with snow this year :-)
Evergreen ... Rhododendron "Blattgold"06.12.2007
Quite an eye-catcher with its evergreen, or rather ever-yellow leaves.
Evergreen ... Lonicera nitida "Maigrün"06.12.2007
One of the most beautiful evergreen groundcovers.
Coloured fruits ... Ilex x "Nellie R. Stevens"06.12.2007
This holly is one of the few that can be trained into a tree. There are two advantages to do so: it grows relatively fast and it makes a nice, naturaly pyramidal shape. This year in May we pruned the crown to make it denser so it has fewer leaves now but profusion of vivid red berries. As you can, against a clear blue sky it looks fantastic even in December.
Evergreen ... Abelia CONFETTI® "Conti"05.12.2007
Colder days colour the tips of this abelia´s tiny leaves pink. Botanically it belongs to semi-evergreen (or semi-deciduous if you like : we never know which is right: whether the glass is half full of half empty :-) which means that leaves may drop off when temperature goes below some -15°C.
This white cedar has attractive foliage with deep yellow variagation.
Coloured fruits ... Euonymus alatus05.12.2007
Windeg euonymus is popular mainly for its vivid red autumn leaves and when they fall down the shrub reveals another feature: branches with 4 wings and bright orange tiny fruits.
Evergreen ... Rhododendron "Halfdan Lem"23.11.2007
Well, our time is here. Deciduous trees and shrubs have lost their leaves and you may assume there is not much left to show during winter. Wrong. Evergreens are our target and specialization. So here is an excellent example - this rhody has quite big leaves that have deep red stalks and flower buds. Surely makes a change among the other varieties.
Coloured fruits ... Callicarpa bodinieri "Profusion"22.11.2007
Berries from Mars. It is truly hard to believe that these fruits are real in this colour.
Snow in November15.11.2007
Quite a few times this November we have been tempted to show you pictures of our snowed-under garden as something extraordinary, a funny joke of mother nature or just a coincidence ... Well, not funny, not extraordinary, and definitely accidental rather that coincidental. This November is teasing us with numerous snowfalls in such amounts that it is not funny anymore. Don´t take me wrong - I like snow, and winter, but not now!!
snowing ...15.11.2007
So let´s not winge and bring the Christmasy atmosphere some 6 weeks forward to enjoy this cold and white mess on our lovely trees and shrubs, some of which have not dropped all of their leaves yet. And unless you are a keen skier, already lost on to the nearest white hill, have a look at the latest pics :-)
... on and on ...15.11.2007
Snuffling and tramping ...28.10.2007
... one would assume a herd of elephants must be around :-) Well, just a hedgehog, really. This one is our friend, he lives here and is just about to find himself something tasty for supper.
Autumn colours ... Photinia villosa28.10.2007
This photinia is a show-stopper in the autumn and sort of makes it up for the rest of the year when only a few garden lovers lay their eyes on it. It is a lovely and care-free shrub that can grow under just any conditions.
Still blooming ... Rosa "Seafoam"28.10.2007
Anoter gorgeous polyantha/patio rose is called "Seafoam". It has small, double white flowers with a tint of pink. Well, to be truthful, I have seen many seas but never noticed the foam would be pinkish ... :-)
Autumn colours ... Acer palmatum28.10.2007
Today´s sunny weather has helped this basic species of Japanese maple show its gorgeous colour play.
Podzimní barvy ... Acer palmatum dissectum "Viridis"28.10.2007
Autumn colours ... Prunus kurilensis "Brillant Rosea"25.10.2007
Autumn colours ... Carpinus betulus "Fastigiata"25.10.2007
Fruit ... Cornus kousa "Teutonia"25.10.2007
Yummy! This dogwood has not only edible fruits but actually very tasty. You can enjoy them unless the birds steel them first. They are very decorative, too!
Coloured fruits ... Viburnum davidii22.10.2007
Keeps on blooming ... Abelia x grandiflora22.10.2007
Coloured leaves ... Ilex x altaclarensis "Golden King"22.10.2007
The colder it gets the more distinct are the yellow leaf margins of this holly.
Noticed the difference...?21.10.2007
Well, it is quite useless bringing up the subject of global climate changes and who´s to blame. The truth is, we have just had this year´s first snow. And that was shortly after mid October. Weird but real. 5-7 cm of fresh, heavy and wet snow that took all day to melt. BTW we are USDA zone 6.
Autumn colours ... Acer saccharinum f.laciniatum "Wieri"21.10.2007
Autumn colours ... Prunus "Pink Perfection"21.10.2007
Autumn colours ... Liquidambar styraciflua "Lane Roberts"21.10.2007
Naughty colour play of sweet gums = uneven mix of differently coloured leaves on one tree. This one even having a burgundy top!
Just blooming ... Rosa "The Fairy Dance"17.10.2007
Absolutely untouched by this year´s first morning morning frosts -3°C this dwars rose keeps on blooming. Stunning.
Beutterfly´s quick lunch16.10.2007
Yummy, this ivy nectar is so lovely that I don´t mind being photographed, says this butterfly :-)
Autumn colours ... Prunus serrulata "Amanogawa"16.10.2007
Autumn colours ... Acer platanoides "Globosum"16.10.2007
Autumn colours ... Cornus florida "Rubra"16.10.2007
late flowering ... Campsis x tagliabuana "Madame Galen"07.10.2007
Until the frosts. Really.
Coloured fruits ... Ilex aquifolium "Pyramidalis"07.10.2007
Late flowering ... Ceanothus thyrsiflorus "Victoria"07.10.2007
Just a few flowers but definitely nice :-)
Autumn colours ... Aronia melanocarpa "Viking"06.10.2007
Still blooming ... Canna "Pretoria"06.10.2007
It is remarkable how long these cannas continue blooming. And take a good look at the flower petals - with coming autumn the edges loose orange colour that is substituted with deep yellow giving the flower a whole new appearance. You can easily prolong flowering of cannas if you bring them inside before the first frost. Keeping them in a light and warm place will ensure blooming until December. Then it is necessary to let them sleep in a dark and cool place.
Autumn colours ... Liquidambar orientalis06.10.2007
One of the most beautifully autumn colouring trees is this oriental sweetgum.
Autumn colours ... Fagus sylvatica "Aspleniifolia"06.10.2007
Autumn colours ... Amelanchier lamarckii06.10.2007
Autumn colours ... Morus platanifolia"06.10.2007
Unless you prune hard your morus platanifolia in the spirng you will get classic mulberry-shaped, not plane-shaped leaves. Though, it has one advantage as those of the mulberry type turn beautiful golden yellow in the autumn.
Japanese windflowers bloom now and can easily highlight every garden in the time of first autumn winds.
Just blooming ... Anemone "Andrea Atkinson"30.09.2007
Autumn colours ... Quercus palustris "Swamp Pygmy"28.09.2007
A breathtaking show of changing colours, starring dwarf pin oak.
Autumn colours ... Parrotia persica28.09.2007
Autumn colours ... Euonymus alatus "Compactus"26.09.2007
Coloured fruits ... Ilex aquifolium"Alaska"26.09.2007
The trees are burning !!!21.09.2007
:-) Well, just teezing you. But you have to admit the autumn colours of this laceleaf staghorn sumac is just like flames of fire!
Autumn colours ... Koelreuteria paniculata19.09.2007
Orange sky.18.09.2007
Have you ever noticed an early evening sky just when the sun has set and still there remained a few white, fluffy clouds. These took the afterglow of the setting sun and turning the earth look slightly orange. What a breathtaking view, what soft and rich colours! Hard to catch with a camera but still - have look :-)
Coloured fruits ... Malus COCCINELLA® "Courtarou"11.09.2007
End of summer is the time of the abundance of ripe fruit in our climate, which relates not only to the edible ones but also the ornamental. Crab apples are the harbingers of tehm before for instance hollies bring their coloured beriies.
Autumn colours ... Cornus florida "Rainbow"09.09.2007
Quite a few colder days with plentiful of rain made some trees and shrubs believe the autumn has begun. So they started with their foppish show off colouring their leaves. This dogwood for example is called Rainbow, quite pertinent, eh?
Autumn flowering ... Prunus laurocerasus "Otto Luyken"09.09.2007
This groundcovering cherry laurel blooms quite reliably again at the end of summer / in early autumn. Its tiny white flowers with a yellow throat have a nice scent and are borne in erect panicles against deep green, highly glossy leaves.
Autumn colours ... Acer shirasawanum "Aureum"09.09.2007
Have you ever doubted of Japanese maples being at the top of the autumn-leaf-colours chart?
Fruit ... Prunus amygdalus "Rubira"09.09.2007
Second flowering ... Chitalpa tashkentensis "Summer Bells"®27.08.2007
Chitalpa is one of our top-selling shrubs. Its pink, orchid-like flowers are sweetly scented and come out in early summer, second flowering occurs in mid- to late summer. It is fully hardy and naturally absolutely beautiful :-)
Variageted leaves ... Cornus controversa "Variegata"27.08.2007
New leaves ... Musa basjoo "Sakhaline"22.08.2007
One of our latest arrivals among hardy exotics is this Japanese banana which makes new leaves all season long until frosts.
Cones on Cedrus atlantica "Glauca"22.08.2007
Just look, aren´t those baby cones on blue Atlas cedar lovely?
Hibisciade 2007 :-)21.08.2007
Summer is on and thanks to a lot of rain in the past couple of weeks as well as plenty of sun hibiscus plants are thriving. We will now show you all of the plants we have in sale and in our garden. This variety is PURPLE RUFFLES®.
Hibiscus syriacus Totus Albus21.08.2007
Hibiscus syriacus Lady Stanley21.08.2007
Hibiscus syriacus Ardens21.08.2007
Hibiscus syriacus Duc de Brabant21.08.2007
Hibiscus syriacus WHITE CHIFFON®21.08.2007
Hibiscus syriacus LAVENDER CHIFFON®21.08.2007
Hibiscus syriacus Oiseau Bleu21.08.2007
Just blooming ... Campsis radicans "Flava" (Yellow Trumpet)16.08.2007
Blooming reliably from the beginning until the end of summer - that are golden yellow trumpets of this trumpet creeper.
Just blooming ... Canna indica "Wyoming"16.08.2007
A real lady among cannas is this madame Wyoming. It has dark purple leaves, and a tall stem with large, vibrant orange flowers.
Second blooming ... Rosa "Grimaldi"16.08.2007
Summer flowering ... Wisteria sinensis13.08.2007
It has been nearly a month when we showed you a picture of summer blooms of this Chinese wisteria. We look at it every day in admiration of not only its beauty but the time it has to offer as far as flowering in summer months. We can now say that its summer blooming lasts longer than the first in the spring.
First flowers of Magnolia "May-to-Frost"13.08.2007
This spring we presented a unique new variety of magnolia, which belongs to the deciduous group but flowers from end spring until early autumn. It is a very rare plant of which we managed to secure 5 plants for the whole country! They are thriving yet in containers showing long and strong new growth. And on top of that, the specimen planted in our garden has just now burst out with two, historically very first flowers which is amazing for a 2-y-old grafted plant!
Summer flowering ... laburnum anagyroides08.08.2007
This year´s summer is somewhat surprising - even this golden rain shows flowers for the second time. Though, it is beautiful to see fresh, bright yellow flowers on deep green background of healthy leaves.
Summer flowering ... Magnolia x soulangeana08.08.2007
Magnolias often have random flowers throughout the summer, however, this year the trees are flooded with flowers again now!
Just blooming ... Robinia hispida06.08.2007
If you prune this hairy locust right after first flowering in late spring it will bloom again in mid summer witgh profusion of clear pink pea-like flowers that will highlight every summer garden.
Summer blooming of magnolias ... Magnolia "Betty"06.08.2007
Just blooming - begonias31.07.2007
Just blooming - begonias31.07.2007
Just blooming ... Canna "Picasso"29.07.2007
Summer colours and beauty - they are cannas and their many varieties.
Just blooming ... Hibiscus syriacus "Sanchoyo" PURPLE RUFFLES®29.07.2007
A newcomer in our catalogue this year is this rose-of-sharon with trade name Purple Ruffles®. It has attractive, large double flowers of bright purple colour.
Just blooming ... Canna indica "Pretoria"27.07.2007
One of the most breathtaking cannas is named Pretoria. It has large, vivid orange flowers and attractive foliage with cream and green stripes.
Just blooming ... Magnolia grandiflora "Bracken´s Brown Beauty"27.07.2007
Another extremely hardy evergreen magnolia.
Just blooming ... Hemerocallis "Frans Hals"26.07.2007
Coming out one of the latest day lilies Frans Hals.
Just blooming ... Agapanthus "Blue Giant"26.07.2007
Just blooming ... Campsis x tagliabuana "Indian Summer"®26.07.2007
Deep orange is the colour of this trumpet creeper. Beautiful contrast with dark green, glossy foliage.
Just blooming ... Hemerocallis "Chicago Royal Robe"26.07.2007
Truth is it took a little bit of convincing this day lily of royal origin to start blooming so it eventually did :-)
Just blooming ... Magnolia grandiflora "Victoria"20.07.2007
One of the hardiest southern magnolias is named Victoria and the flowers keep popping up all summer if the weather is as good as it is these days = sunny and hot :-)
Just blooming ... Hemerocallis "Double Firecracker"20.07.2007
This daylily was a bit of a nuisance last year when first planted out but it is definitely making it up this year with profusion of large double flowers that even have a lovely scent!
Just blooming ... Albizia julibrissin "Ernest Wilson"18.07.2007
We couldn´t resist showing you the picture of this year´s very first flowers of this albizia.
Just blooming ... Hibiscus syriacus "Ardens"18.07.2007
Begining of July is the flowering time for outdoor hibiscus. We took a few more days waiting for this variety Ardens to come out blooming heavily and still it will be even richer in the number of flowers on one shrub as the summer goes on.
Just blooming ... Hibiscus syriacus "Ardens"18.07.2007
flower detail
Just blooming ... Abelia x grandiflora18.07.2007
This abelia often has reddish leaves making a good combination with white flowers all summer long.
Just blooming ... Campsis grandiflora17.07.2007
This trumpet creeper comes from China and needs a warm south-facing fall which will help it bloom with profusion of really GRAND bi-coloured flowers in summer.
Just blooming ... Wisteria sinensis17.07.2007
Maybe you did not know that this queen of climbers Chinese wisteria can bloom for the second time in hot summer. There are not as many flowers as in the spring but the violet colour against a fully leaved plants is irresistible!
Just blooming ... Campsis radicans17.07.2007
One of our best summer-flowering plants is undoubtfully this tree form of trumpet creeper. It is fully hardy in our zone 6 and has profusion of vivid red flowers from beginning of July until early frosts.
Summer as it should be.16.07.2007
After an awful fortnight of rain and cold the tepmerature rose well over 30°C reaching nearly 40°C. I know that not everyone likes such heat but hey it is summer! And our summer blooms love it :-)
Just blooming ... Hemerocallis "Blackberry Candy"06.07.2007
This daylily brings a very rich blend of yellow and golden colour with a dark reddish-brown eye.
Just blooming ... Abelia "Edward Goucher"06.07.2007
This abelia starts blooming in June and continues through to October.
Just blooming ... Hemerocallis "Paiges Pinata"06.07.2007
Just blooming ... Canna indica "Président"06.07.2007
This year has taken us by suprise as this canna was the first to bloom.
Just blooming ... Stewartia pseudocamelliana03.07.2007
First blooms of pseudocamellia started this year´s holiday season. Flowers are pure white with rich yellow stamens, leaves are mid green with red margins. Direct import from Japan.
New leaves ... Stewartia pseudocamelliana03.07.2007
Just blooming ... Hemerocallis "Anzac"28.06.2007
One of the earliest daylilies of bright red colour.
Just blooming ... Abelia "Edward Goucher"28.06.2007
Got a small garden? Abelias are the perfect choice. Variety Edward Goucher has small pink flowers all summer long.
Abies nordmanniana28.06.2007
They are not just flowers that can make garden inetersting. Many conifers have attractive cones of various colours and sizes. This fir has upright cones of violet-blue colour.
Just blooming ... Campsis x tagliabuana "Madame Galen"26.06.2007
When trumpet creepers start blooming the summer has definitely come. In spite of today´s strong wind this varitey Madame Galen showed its first huge flowers that will highlight summer garden with bright apricot red colour until early autumn.
New leaves ... Calocedrus decurrens "Aureavariegata"26.06.2007
This incense cedar offers a really attractive combination of deep green with bright yellow needles.
Jus blooming ... Chitalpa tashkentensis "Summer Bells®"25.06.2007
The summer has kicked off with one of the most beautifully flowering summer shrubs: chitalpa, our bestseller.
Just blooming ... Hemerocallis "Daring Deception"25.06.2007
Similarly to other plants, this daylily, too, started blooming earlier than usual.
Just blooming ... hypericum "Hidcote"24.06.2007
This bushy St.John´s Wort is in full bloom now.
Just blooming ... hydrangea quercifolia24.06.2007
This oak-leaved hydrangea starts blooming in June.
Just blooming ... Hemerocallis "Double River Wye"22.06.2007
Bright yellow daylily that has double flowers.
Just blooming ... Magnolia grandiflora "Goliath"20.06.2007
Another evergreen summer blooming magnolia. Goliath yet brings two more important features - it starts blooming as a young plant and keeps blooming all summer.
New leaves ... Liriodendron tulipifera20.06.2007
Tulip tree has huge leaves: 20 c long and up to 30 cm wide.
Just blooming ... Hemerocallis "Frans Hals"20.06.2007
This year seems to have everything upside down. This daylily is not supposed to bloom until August but here we go - flowers already.
Just blooming ... Rosa "Grimaldi"18.06.2007
New leaves ... Viburnum davidii18.06.2007
Evergreen broadleaved plants make new leaves later than deciducous, often as late as in June. So this is the best time for fresh and beautiful new foliage, just like on this David viburnum.
Just blooming ... Hemerocallis "El Desperado"18.06.2007
New leaves ... Gleditsia triacanthos "Elegantissima"18.06.2007
The most beautiful honey locust is named Elegantissima and is richly leaved with pinnate fern-like leaves.
Just blooming ... Nerium oleander17.06.2007
Every summer patio or terrace looks great with oleander. It flowers all summer and has a lovely scent.
New leaves ... Ilex x altaclarensis "Lawsoniana"17.06.2007
Beautiful splash of 3 colours looks attractive on this rare holly.
Just blooming ... Abelia "Edward Goucher"17.06.2007
This abelia has small, 2cm long funnel-shaped flowers from early summer until autumn.
Just blooming ... Magnolia grandiflora "Little Gem"16.06.2007
A breathtaking show of huge flowers on evergreen magnolias begins. Kicking off this year with Little Gem.
Just blooming ... Daylilies16.06.2007
Just blooming ... Plumbago auricomus16.06.2007
Leadwort is a gorgeous semi-climbing plant with skyblue flowers all summer. It is frost tender and needs to overwinter in cold and bright conservatory. Blooms all summer. We offer plants of the size in the picture (60-80 cm) for 890 Kè.
Just blooming ... Hypericum "Hidcote"16.06.2007
St. John´s wort is a bushy, semi-evergreen plant with large, deep yellow flowers from early summer until early autumn.
Just blooming ... Kalmia latifolia "Quinnipiac"12.06.2007
This mountain laurel represents the last stage of late spring flowering shrubs.
It liked our pink deuztia so much that it did not even notice the camera.
Just blooming ... Hemerocallis "Black Emanuelle"12.06.2007
The darkest of the darkest daylily.
The summer begins :-)11.06.2007
Just blooming ... Pterostyrax hispida 07.06.2007
Epaulette tree makes your passers-by stop and stare - this tree looks quite unique when covered with flowers.
Just blooming ... Deutzia "Strawberry Fields"07.06.2007
This reliable and care-free deutzia can be found under a second name "Tourbillion Rouge". Actually it is the same plant.
Just blooming ... Ceanothus thyrsiflorus "Victoria"07.06.2007
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Van"06.06.2007
Late variety of rhododendron with deep purplish-pink large flowers.
Starting to bloom ... Prunus lusitanica "Angustifolia"06.06.2007
A close realtive to cherry laurel is this Portugal laurel and its narrow-leaved variety Angustifolia. It blooms later = in June and the buds look like tiny white beads on long, upright stalks.
Just blooming ... Sambucus nigra "Black Beauty"06.06.2007
Flowers of this garden variety of European elder are true pink.
Just blooming ... Kalmia latifolia "Pinwheel"05.06.2007
New leaves ... Cornus florida "Rainbow"05.06.2007
After white flower/bracts come attractive new leaves with golden yellow splashes in bright green leaves of this flowering dogwood.
Just blooming ... Cornus kousa "Teutonia"04.06.2007
The truth is, the white things are bracts, not flower petals. Anyway, this makes this Japanese dogwood even more attractive as it remains "flowering" for as many as 6-8 weeks. Blimey!
New leaves ... Pieris japonica "Katsura"04.06.2007
You cannot miss new growths of this Japanese pieris.
Just blooming ... Kalmia latifolia "Pink Frost"04.06.2007
Absolutely hardy and fabulous mountain laurel.
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Mrs. T H Lowinsky"30.05.2007
Like a flame of fire is blotching on large flowers of this rhododendron.
Just blooming ... Sambucus Nigra "Black Lace"®30.05.2007
Bestseller of the last couple of month - this new variety of European elder is taking us by storm with its deep purple, dissectum leaves and pink flowers.
Just blooming ... Ceanothus thyrsiflorus "Victoria"30.05.2007
Beautiful but not hardy enough.
New leaves ... Hibiscus syriacus "Purpureus Variegatus"30.05.2007
This hibiscus is valued mainly for its colourful varigated foliage.
New leaves ... Pieris japonica "Mountain Fire"30.05.2007
Lily-of-the-valley shrubs have two attractions: first, tiny, vase-shaped flowers early in spring , and then bright colours of new foliage. Mountain Fire has bright red new growths.
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Gomer Waterer"29.05.2007
Very elegant, late flowering rhody.
Just blooming ... Kalmia latifolia "Bull´s Eye"29.05.2007
Reddish-brown flowers of another kalmia variety.
Just blooming ... Chionanthus virginicus29.05.2007
This fringe tree has unique flowers with awsome scent.
New leaves ... Dryopteris affinis "Cristata The King"25.05.2007
We have great new for the ones of you who have been waiting for the hardy ferns. The first to have been added is one of the most beutiful ones - Cristata (The King).
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Madame Masson"24.05.2007
Mid-season rhododendron with snow white flowers with attractive yellow to brownish blotch.
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Blattgold"23.05.2007
This extraordinary rhododendron variety from Germany is called Blatgold and has attractive gold-splashed leaves and lilac flowers in late spring.
Mountain laurels are beginning to bloom - kalmia latifolia.23.05.2007
Charming evergreen shrubs called mountain laurels are beginning to bloom just now. In a couple of days you will get images of the best late spring colour show. This year it is this rare variety to be the first to kick of with the image show - even in two pictures ...
Kalmia latifolia f.myrtifolia23.05.2007
Just blooming ... Robinia x slavinii "Casque Rouge"22.05.2007
Profusion of deep pink flowers of this Casque Rouge locust.
Just blooming ... Azalea "Arneson Gem"22.05.2007
Just blooming ... Ceanothus "Blue Sapphire"22.05.2007
The deepest blue - Blueblossom.
New leaves ... Fagus sylvatica "Tricolor"22.05.2007
Just blooming ... Magnolia "Hattie Carthen"22.05.2007
A rariry among magnolias from our garden, not in sale. The bloom opens up from a large, pale green bud into beige petals with pink shades on the outside and dull yellow with light pink shades inside.
Just blooming ... Wisteria floribunda "Black Dragon"21.05.2007
A luxurious variety of wisteria with deep violet, fragrant, double flowers.
Just blooming ... Azalea "Red Sunset"21.05.2007
This azalea has nearly unbelievable deep red flowers and their colour does not fade from edges towards the throat.
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Marcel Menard"17.05.2007
Pity that our camera is unable to take the deep violet-blue shade of one of the darkest blue flowering rhododendrons Marcel Menard.
Just blooming ... Crataegus laevigata "Paul´s Scarlet"16.05.2007
Red thorn is one of the most attractive domestic deciduous trees.
just blooming ... Rhododendron "Nova Zembla"16.05.2007
One of the best known rhodies with large flowers is Nova Zembla.
Strict combination of two colours.16.05.2007
If you like it organized, there is just orange on rich green background in this front garden.
Just blooming ... Weigela florida "Victoria"16.05.2007
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Golden Gate"16.05.2007
This compact rhododendron bears profusion of campanulate flowers that are reddish orange with a yellow throat.
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Blattgold"16.05.2007
Light lilac flowers appear in mid-season on this varigated rhododendron Blattgold.
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Golden Torch"16.05.2007
Unusual shade of soft yellow has this yakushimanum rhododendron.
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Rosem Elegans"14.05.2007
Profusion of lilac flowers appear on this mid-season rhody.
Just blooming ... Azalea "Mount Saint Helens"14.05.2007
This deciduous azalea is a unique combination of coral red and deep orange.
Just blooming ... Azalea "Chetco"14.05.2007
Can´t possibly miss bright yellow of this deciduous azalea.
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Queen Alice"14.05.2007
This variety of yaks rhody has unusual funnel-shaped flowers of soft pink colour.
Just blooming ... Azalea "Glowing Embers"13.05.2007
True to its name. Glowing Embers azalea.
Just blooming ... Wisteria floribunda "Alba"13.05.2007
Japanese wisterias bloom along with new leaves. Variety Alba has long racemes of pure white flowers.
New leaves ... Fagus sylvaica "Dawyck"13.05.2007
Like glossy velvet are new leaves of this columnar beech.
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Germania"13.05.2007
Undoubtedly number one rhody among the ones currently blooming i this Germania with bright pink large flowers with frilled edges.
Just blooming ... Sophora microphylla Sun King® "Hillsop"13.05.2007
At this moment this is just a picture of small-leafed evergreen sophora, not in sale yet as we are testing its hardiness. Said to be the hardiest of microphylla group if it is a success be sure that in two years max we will have it here for you in al its beauty!
Just blooming ... Enkianthus campanulatus11.05.2007
Bell-shaped flowers appear on this extraordinary shrub and last for as long as 4 weeks.
Just blooming ... Ceanothus thyrsiflorus repens11.05.2007
Sky blue flowers.
New leaves ... Ulmus carpinifolia "Wredei"11.05.2007
Bright yellow-green leaves of this columnar European elm are clearly visible from the distance.
just blooming ... Rhododendron "Morning Cloud"11.05.2007
Just like candyfloss are flowers of this compact rhody.
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Nancy Evans"11.05.2007
Brilliant yellow with peachy margins are colours of this true jewel.
Just blooming ... Azalea japonica "Snow"11.05.2007
What other name would suit this Japanese azalea better.
Just blooming ... Cercis siliquastrum11.05.2007
This Judas tree has been covered with profusion of bright pink flowers for two weeks already.
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Horizon Monarch"10.05.2007
True yellow rhododendron with apricot orange margins.
New leaves ... Acer platanoides "Drummondii"10.05.2007
Striking varigation of this maple variety.
Jus blooming ... Azalea japonica "Anouk"09.05.2007
Japanese azalea with large blossoms.
Just blooming ... Magnolia "Yellow Bird"09.05.2007
Just blooming ... Paeoniy suffriticosa08.05.2007
Tree peonies are true jewels from not only Japanese gardens.
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Azurro"08.05.2007
The right time has come for the more deeply coloured rhodos to bloom, just like this purple-burgundy coloured Azurro.
New leaves ... Liriodendron tulipifera "Aureomarginatum"08.05.2007
Golden-yellow variagetion is the main attraction on this variety of tulip tree.
Just blooming ... Azalea japonica "Blaauws´s Pink"02.05.2007
The photograph cannot show fully the bi-colour effect of this Japanese azalea as the flowers have a slightly darker throat.
Just blooming ... Syringa x hyacinthiflora "Esther Staley"02.05.2007
It´s a pity that internet cannot transmit the lovely scent of this lilac :-)
Just blooming ... Euphorbia characias wulfenii02.05.2007
In its almost 4th week this Mediterranean spurge is blooming with bright greeny yellow flowers.
Just blooming ... Azalea "Harvest Moon"01.05.2007
Bright yellow azalea shines from a distance with its large blooms.
Just blooming ... Cornus florida "Rubra" 01.05.2007
This year flowering dogwoodshave plenty of flowers.
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Cunningham´s White"01.05.2007
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Halfdan Lem"30.04.2007
Flowers on this rhody are truly giant!
Just blooming ... Magnolia "Hot Flash"30.04.2007
Another truly yellow magnolia called Hot Flash is still very rare and for the time being can only been seen in our sample garden.
Just blooming ... Tulipa "Lucky Strike"30.04.2007
Just blooming ... Prunus "Pink Perfection"28.04.2007
Neon-like shining flowers of this late blooming flowering cherry.
Just blooming ... Azalea "Satan"28.04.2007
Can you imagine another colour of hell if the name Satan is mentioned?
Just blooming ... Laburnum x watereri "Vossii"28.04.2007
Just blooming ... Magnolia liliflora "Nigra"25.04.2007
One of the darkest flowering magnolias is called Nigra Select.
Just blooming ... Tulipa "Blushing Apeldoorn"25.04.2007
Simply beautiful. Such colourful tulipscan be the perfect jewel for every garden bed.
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Cosmopolitan"25.04.2007
Blooms early and the name Cosmopolitansuggests it is home all around the world.
Just blooming ... Wisteria floribunda "Rosea"25.04.2007
You may think that wisterias come in blue only. Variety Rosea will prove the opposite.
Just blooming ... Prunus serrulata "Kanzan"24.04.2007
One of the best known flowering cherries is Kanzan. It has pure pink double flowers.
Just blooming ... Viburnum "Eskimo"24.04.2007
One of evegreen viburnums has snow white flowers and blooms in the middle of spring.
Just blooming ... Cornus florida "Cherokee Brave"22.04.2007
Flowering dogwood are beautiful wide shrubs with large pink bracts around tiny flowers.
Just blooming ... Malus "Perpetu"®21.04.2007
Tis crab apple has large, snow white flowers opening from pale pink buds. Green leaves.
Just blooming ... Malus "Royalty"21.04.2007
Red-leaved varsion of crab apple with deep burgundy red flowers. Also attractive are ornamental fruits on long stalks at the end of summer.
We like daffodils.21.04.2007
Very elegant bi-coloured variety Ice Follies.
Just blooming ... Magnolia denudata "Yellow River"20.04.2007
Another gorgeous yellow flowering magnolia comes from China and is called Yellow River.
Just blooming ... Magnolia "Jane"20.04.2007
Just blooming ... Prunus serrulata "Kiku-shidare-zakura"20.04.2007
An eye-catching Japanese flowering cherry has a true Japanese name Kiku Shidare Zakura.
Just blooming ... Cornus florida "Rubra"19.04.2007
Flowering dogwood, variety Rubra with its red bracts.
Just blooming ... Malus "Van Eseltine"18.04.2007
flowering crab apple with double flowers.
Just blooming ... Magnolia "Wada´s Memory"18.04.2007
Just blooming ... Wisteria sinensis18.04.2007
Chinese wisteria is probably the most popular decoration for trelis and walls.
Just blooming ... Prunus "Accolade"16.04.2007
Profusion of neony pink flowers on this flowering cherry.
Just blooming ... Magnolia "Butterflies"16.04.2007
Gorgeous is the best description of this rare cultivar of magnolia with deep yellow flowers.
Just blooming ... Prunus amygdalus "Pink Peachy"16.04.2007
Flowering peach.
Just blooming ... Magnolia "Betty"13.04.2007
Profusion of large flowers appear on this girl magnolia Betty.
Just blooming ... Prunus subhirtella "Pendula Rosea"09.04.2007
Profusion of small clear pink flowers appear on this weeping higan cherry early in spring.
Double-blooming daffodil close-up.09.04.2007
Just blooming ... Prunus subhirtella "Autumnalis Rosea"09.04.2007
Higan cherry.
Just blooming ... Prunus subhirtella "Pendula"04.04.2007
A magnificent weeping higan cherry with pure white flowers when they appear, later fading to light pink.
Just blooming ... Magnolia "Susan"03.04.2007
This year´s unusually warm spring has made one of the later girl magnolias"Susan" bloom.
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Moerheim"02.04.2007
Dwarf rhododendrons are beautiful groundcovers in small gardens and front yards.
Just blooming ... Magnolia loebneri "Léonard Messel"02.04.2007
Pink stripes on white tepals are the main features of this star shaped flowering magnolia .
Daffodils may be ordinary flowers for some but they have a gift of brightening early spring gardens. These double blooming ones just appeared in our garden some 15 years ago and keep coming back every year. And honestly, we don´t care a bit about their latin name ... :-)
Just blooming ... Magnolia stellata02.04.2007
One of the earliest blooming magnolias.
Just blooming ... Prunus kurilensis "Brillant Rosea"28.03.2007
This flowering plum is the first tree to bring profusion of soft pink flowers in early spring.
Just blooming ... Pieris japonica "Rosalinda"27.03.2007
Lily of the valley shrubs belong to the earliest fowering evergreen plants. Variety Rosalinda has deep purple stalks with pale pink flowers.
Just blooming ... Pieris japonica "Valley Fire"27.03.2007
vaiety with quite big, white flowers.
Really funny ...20.03.2007
Whatever the ones from above do we are not afraid, calendar spring is here tomorrow! :-)
... it is just water after all20.03.2007
Ok, this year´s winter was mild, so let it have a go for the last couple of days.
Just blooming ... Prunus mume "Benishidore"17.03.2007
One of the earliest blooming trees is this Japanese apricot. The colour of its flowers is simply unrivalled!
Rhododendrons and azaleas04.03.2007
Yes, the spring has come early this year so our gates opened early, too. And the first batch to welcome you is over 400 rhododendrons and azaleas of all available colours. details
Just blooming ... Pieris japonica "Valley Valentine"28.02.2007
Unbelievable, this year the spring is definitely rushing in! And this variety of pink pieris is already blooming. What a show for our re-opening day this year which is tomorrow! :-)
Flowers in winter ... Hamamelis intermedia "Feuerzauber"02.02.2007
Witch hazel is a unique shrub with spider-shaped flowers which appear in the middle or at the end of winter.
Flowers in winter ... Hamamelis intermedia "Westerstede"02.02.2007
Winter colours ... Cryptomeria japonica18.01.2007
Japanese cedar is a hardy conifer in Central Europe, except for mountainous regions. When the winte comes its needles change colour to pinky-brown which is its clever protection against the cold. In the picture you can see the young blue cones.
Flowers in winter ... Viburnum tinus14.01.2007
This year´s mild winter allows the plants, which in warmer climates naturally bloom in winter, show the flowers even here. This evergreen viburnum is such example. It does not tolerate heavy frost and when the tepmerature drops below -10°C majority of leaves and twigs die back, unless covered with snow. However, it reliably re-sprouts every spring, making some 30 cm long new twigs every year. In our zone we therefore treat it as perennial. Very elegant.
Picea pungens "Glauca"01.01.2007
Ilex aquifolium "Pyramidalis"01.01.2007
Eriobotrya japonica "Coppertone"®01.01.2007
LARGE PLANTS over 150 cmspecimens, screening and hedging shrubs

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