Inventory of summer snapshots ... "SUMMER OLYMPICS"­ iris26.12.2011
Ideal name for a typical summer plant. This iris is clear yellow like a sunny day.
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "KANTILENE" rhododendron26.12.2011
Talking of bright colours - this rhody is impossible to pass by without looking.
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "ASPLENIIFOLIA"­ lace-leaf beech26.12.2011
Inventory of summer snapshots ... golden rain26.12.2011
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "GIRARD´S FUCHSIA"­ Japanese azalea26.12.2011
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "GIBRALTAR"­ azalea26.12.2011
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "VIOLACEA PLENA (Black Dragon)"­ wisteria26.12.2011
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "CONVERSATION PIECE"­ hybrid Japanese azalea26.12.2011
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "GOLDPRINZ"® rhododendron­26.12.2011
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "CASQUE ROUGE" locust­26.12.2011
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "MOUNT ST.HELENS" azalea26.12.2011
Inventory of summer snapshots ... hybrid"MARTHA HITCHCOCK"­ hybrid Japanese azalea26.12.2011
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "CYNI" black broom26.12.2011
Evening photos from August 2011 ... "MADAME GALEN" trumpet vine­20.12.2011
On a calm and warm summer evening, when the sun is gone but it is not yet too dark the garden shows a completely different dimension. The colours are deeper, more pronounced, and perhaps mysterious when the Moon is up and makes shadows. Let me offer you a visit to my summer garden in early August this year, at about half past eight in the evening. I did not use flash for either of the pics and still the flowers came out superbly. Enjoy and why not remember how the summer was for you this year :-)
Evening photos from August 2011 ... "RUBYLACE" honey locust­20.12.2011
This honey locust keeps changing its leaf colour quite often during the season - like a chameleon. In midsummer they are the prettiest - toffee or chocolate brown, fancy tastine one? :-)
Evening photos from August 2011 ... "ARDENS"­ Rose-of-Sharon20.12.2011
Evening photos from August 2011 ... "INDIAN SUMMER"®­ trumpet vine20.12.2011
Orange a golden colours are my favourite. Which obviously means that this orange trumpet vine is a plant I make photos of about a hundred times a year ...
Evening photos from August 2011 ... "LADY STANLEY"­ Rose-of-Sharon20.12.2011
Evening photos from August 2011 ... hardy fuchsia "RICCARTONII"20.12.2011
Evening photos from August 2011 ... "ROYAL PURPLE" smoke tree20.12.2011
Evening photos from August 2011 ... "RALTO"® lily-of-the-valley shrub20.12.2011
This pieris bears purple pink flowers in early spring that open from purple-pink flower buds which are formed in the previous summer.
Evening photos from August 2011 ... "FLAMENCO" trumpet creeper20.12.2011
Evening photos from August 2011 ... "LAVENDER CHIFFON"® Rose-of-Sharon20.12.2011
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "WADA´S MEMORY" magnolia18.12.2011
Named after a renowned Japanese botanist Koichiro Wada this magnolia is an early variety. Its flowers are medium-sized, larger on star-shaped magnolias, snow white and borne at a tip of every single branch of this magnificent, incredibly symmetrical shrub.
Inventory of summer snapshots ... azalka "GLOWING EMBERS"18.12.2011
Exyctly what it says: glowing embers. Like a reborn fire glowing throughout the whole garden with its superb, deep orange colour.
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "HOMEBUSH" azalea18.12.2011
Like a bunch on pink lollipops on long stalks.
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "WREDEI" gold-leaved elm18.12.2011
Absolute eye-catcher. Anywhere. Just make sure to prune it regularly to have plenty of branches along the entire habit, that will bring most of its golden-yellow foliage already from the base.
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "RHAPSODY IN BLUE" rose18.12.2011
If you are a rose-lover you must have encountered the revolution in rose breeding that has become almost a fight among the most renowned breeder for the bluest possible rose. Well, someone once sadi that blue pigment is impossible to implement into a rose flower. Hence the challenge of the top nurseries to come up with the closest possible shade. So far we have a viol one which is a success, indeed. In fact such success that for 2011 we ordered 30 of them for our garden centre and received only two. Well done. Hopefully next year more plants will show up and you - rose enthusiasts can enjoy this beutiful novelty in your gardens, too.
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "LITTLE SUNSET"®­ rose18.12.2011
When I fisrt planted this rose in my garden it dropped more than half of its leaves. I was so angry because the breeder says this rose is disease-resistant. I was prepared to dig it out and replace it with something else. However, being too busy I did not. Luckily. Because about a month later it was completely green again, and profusely flowering with adorable golden-yellow flowers with coral-red margins. I forgave her :-) Since then it never showed a problem and blooms over a long period of time until first cold days of autumn.
Evergreen beauties17.12.2011
And now for something of a current nature - evergreen nature :-) Though we have been living with a sort of extraordinary wind for the past couple of days when the sun is out at the wind calms down my camera is ready. And since I am obsessed with evergreen plants and simply everything that looks good also in winter there is plenty to look at. Just tell me, isn't it great looking at so much green in winter?
Evergreen beauties17.12.2011
This is how my garden grew after some 8 years. It is a great joy for me.
Evergreen beauties17.12.2011
And this is how beautiful has grown a city park in German Oldenburg after some 100 years ...
Evergreen beauties17.12.2011
And Budweiser Budvar is growing a nice green roof garden - some 13 years or so?
And this gorgeousness is really difficult to tell age. I mean the one on the left. The one on the right is clearly 39 (well, at least what my birth certificate says :-))
Evergreen beauties17.12.2011
And I can´t wait to see our garden centre looking like that in the spring again.
Evergreen beauties ... Portugal laurel17.12.2011
Portugal laurel is on the top of my list of favourite evergreens. Is is commercially successful as well as beautiful and easy to grow. Its leaves resemble ficus Benjamin but this plant is fully hardy in zone 6. In cold months it offers another feature: deep red colour of stalks and young branches. New leaves are fresh grass-green, mature ones are deep green and glossy.
Evergreen beauties ... "HARPUNE" holly17.12.2011
Harpune is a special holly that was selected from Alaska. It does not have so many spines on the leaves, and as it grows bigger the leaves loose spines almost entirely. By the way, do you know how new varieties come to life? First important rule is that you have to keep your eyes open and notice details - see the arrow in the bottom left corner ...
Evergreen beauties ... "HARPUNE" holly17.12.2011
... and if you look well you can see that at the bottom of original Harpune a few branches developed new foliage with yellow variegation. Without any form of forcing. It just did. A natural mutation of plants leads to selecting new varieties and could be a beginning of a new one in this case, too. Having said "could" means "it won´t" because the same mutation already happened in the garden of the original Harpune´s breeder and after a few years the plant reversed back to green. So no success. But still - I have a special plant in my garden which brings me enjoyment and we shall se in say 5-year´s time :-)
Evergreen beauties ... David´s photinia17.12.2011
Probably owing to warmer beginning of December this photinia has not turned winter red as it should. Still, though it was sunny this morning in the afternoon snow was falling down and we could be heading towards real winter with frost. And then the photinia will turn red like an amateur singer having stage fright who forgot the lyrics.
And talking of singers I must confess I am happy to see that after her nervous breakdown recent talent show star Susan Boyle found enough strength to get over filthy tabloids and instant success with everything that is connected with it. She recorded a new (3rd) album which contains songs that, in my view, are much more like her. Not only the soapy musical songs but real songs which she sings from the bottom of her heart. That is why the world loves her. For being a normal human who happens to sing beautifully. If you have a little time listen to the title song of the album You Have To Be There. I found this picture of an evening sunset which fits perfectly to the feeling of it, what do you think?
Last flowers ... "BOWLES´ MAUVE" wallflower17.12.2011
These two plants are winning an award for longest and latest flowering plants of Czech gardens. Yet in mid December they have flowers and do not seem to bother night and early morning frost. They just don´t care. I wish I were so laid back ...
Last flowers ... "WESTZEIT" rose17.12.2011
Inventory of summer snapshots ... umbrella magnolia16.12.2011
This umbrella magnolia is a must have for those who love bold foliage and exotic style landscapes. The leaves are huge for a tree and if wisely surrounded by smaller plants beneath you can easily get the look of a life-vibrant jungle.
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "GÄRTNERFREUDE" rose16.12.2011
Our best selling polyantha rose. Absolutely disease-free, heavy bloomer, and gorgeous.
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "FLAVA" tree trumpet creeper16.12.2011
Trumpet creepers are originally vines but if you grow a long stem which you keep on supporting to a post of something solid for quite a few years you can develop a trunk and a crown on top which doesn´t stop blooming from July till September. "Flava" has yellow flowers but there are others ...
Inventory of summer snapshots ... tree trumpet creeper16.12.2011
... the species is red ...
Inventory of summer snapshots ... stromový trubaè "INDIAN SUMMER"®16.12.2011
... and this is the best one - orange "Indian Summer"®
Inventory of summer snapshots ... evergreen box-leaved barberry "NANA"14.12.2011
Spring, summer and autumn are busy seasons for gardeners. And one should have 10 arms and legs to make everything on time. As I hate to be pushed and stressed by time when I feel like I simply cannot do more I just don´t. That explains why now, when the winter is here, you can enjoy pictures taken in our busy months and which I did not upload. Enjoy the feeling of warmth and beauty of a vibrant garden. There are about 2 and a hlaf thousand images I need to sort so there is a lot coming! :-))
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "QUEEN ALICE" rhododendron14.12.2011
Inventory of summer snapshots ... pheasant´s eye14.12.2011
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "KIKU SHIDARE ZAKURA" flowering cherry14.12.2011
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "NAPOLEONE" iris14.12.2011
Like the most luxurious burgundy purple velvet from Orient. This picture shows a very unusual view of the inside of the flower. I am convinced that most ambient paintings and animations found their inspiration in the nature. Just look at the three rays in the middle ...
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "NAPOLEONE" iris14.12.2011
... that is just AWSOME! Such colour combination can´t be simply put together by a graphic designer only sitting at a computer without strolling through the flowering garden first :-)
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "FLAMING SILVER" lily-of-the-valley shrub14.12.2011
Most other nurseries that present this plant on their website show pictures of vibrant colours of newly emerging leaves rather than the variegated ones. Looking at the picture it is not hard to tell why. The colours are fantastic!
Inventory of summer snapshots ... purple rockcress14.12.2011
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "APOLLO" Oregon grape14.12.2011
I know that many of you consider this plant a common weed. But trust me - if you put it into the right soil and good combination with other plants it can be a jewel in your garden bed. Bright sulphur yellow flowers in spring and emerald green and glossy leaves all year round.
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "MARUSCHKA" Japanese azalea14.12.2011
Inventory of summer snapshots ... "ESKIMO" viburnum14.12.2011
Snowman´s balls. I mean the three ones. Whatever.
Inventory of summer snapshots ... Japanese maple14.12.2011
The species of Japanese maple has fresh green leaves. Which reminds me of my childhood years when Dad bought the best available car of that time: Russian ®igul whose colour was described in the papers as spring green. I am trying to dig out some memory of that Russian tank and truly, I have visions of a bright green car, fresh and as cheerful as a happy socialist song :-)
Evergreen beauties ... "Northern Lights" holly01.12.2011
Evergreen beauties ... "Ice Dance" Japanese sedge01.12.2011
Evergreen beauties ... "Golden Esk" hebe01.12.2011
Evergreen beauties ... "Siberia" holly01.12.2011
Evergreen beauties ... "Elegans Viridis" Japanese cedar29.11.2011
Well, when the weather is nice it is easy to make pictures. Loads of them. Then I sit at my computer, staring at the screen, absolutely clueless which ones to choose and show here :-) Anyway. As it is almost December, the time is high for evergreen plants which can cheer up our faces with their bright and lively colours even on cold and miserable days. For instance this Japanese cedar was bred to keep its fresh green colour even in winter when most other Japanese cedars turn rusty brown.
Evergreen beauties ... balboo-leaf oak29.11.2011
Evergreen beauties ... "Dentata Variegata" ivy29.11.2011
Large-leaved Persian ivies are nor very common which is a pity because they are hardy and very attractive.
Evergreen beauties ... "Sulphur Heart" ivy29.11.2011
This another from the same family with golden hearts.
Evergreen beauties ... "Royal Ruby" leucothoe29.11.2011
If you like red don´t miss this leucothoe which turns deep burgundy red in winter.
Autumn again ... "Rotundiloba" sweet gum28.11.2011
Well, isn´t that funny! Last week I uploaded pictures with soft rime so white it was hard to believe that the temperature this week could rise up to almost 10°C! It did, indeed. And the sun is shining so what more could we wish for :-) The garden looks very optimistic and still offers colour that cannot be missed. Such as this rare sweet gum variety.
Quiz: edible or not?28.11.2011
Quiz: edible or not?28.11.2011
Quiz: edible or not?28.11.2011
Quiz: edible or not?28.11.2011
Quiz: edible or not?28.11.2011
Quiz: edible or not?28.11.2011
Quiz: edible or not?28.11.2011
Quiz: edible or not?28.11.2011
Quiz: edible or not?28.11.2011
Could this be winter?24.11.2011
This morning was absolutely gorgeous. The big glowing sphere called Sun was rising up the sky whose colour could hardly be beated even by Cote d´Azure. And thick fog from last night in combination with sharp frost of this morning created almost Christmas atmosphere although it was just soft rime, not realy snow. In fact, Christmas is here exactly in one month so start getting ready! Anyway, since I knew that such strong sunshine would melt the soft ice soon, I put on everything warm I collected running down the stairs, grabbed a camera and went out to make some photos. Here they are. Not many, of course, because running up and down the fields with no breakfast was rather exhausting :-)) But still, I hope that the few ones I made will show you at least something of how stunning the real thing was.
Could this be winter?24.11.2011
This time it was the birches that looked best.
Could this be winter?24.11.2011
These are not needles covered with soft rime. These are the actual crystals of it. In some instances up to 3 cm long!! Sometimes I say to myslef how beautiful it would be to see the Kingdom of Ice ...
Could this be winter?24.11.2011
Look at the sky - what a blue shade! You cannot possibly think this up.
Could this be winter?24.11.2011
Could this be winter?24.11.2011
Now, try something interesting. Narrow your eyes so that the picture gets smudged. See something different? I saw black and white marble.
Could this be winter?24.11.2011
Wondering what the hack has this missy got to do with soft rime and pictures of nature. Honestly - nothing at all. But I just needed a bridge over the freezing images and the warm ones taken after lunch :-)))
Still autumn24.11.2011
I will take it easy not to shock you with too many colours after blue and white only :-)
Still autumn24.11.2011
My endless love - Portugal laurel. Freshness of its green leaves all year round is just unbeatable.
Still autumn24.11.2011
Oriental photinia and its garnet-red fruit.
Still autumn24.11.2011
This swamp cypress is also beautiful 4 seasons a year. In autumn it has bright ginger orange colour of its deciduous needles.
Still autumn24.11.2011
Mountain pine.
Still autumn24.11.2011
Shrubby ivy Arborescens.
Autumn colours ... "Autumn Blaze" maple20.11.2011
Thiy hybrid maple is a fast growing tree. Its leaves are fresh green with red veins and red stalks in summer, turning brilliant red all over in autumn.
Autumn colours ... Norway maple20.11.2011
Autumn colours ... "Accolade" Higan cherry20.11.2011
Autumn colours ... "Cherokee Daybreak" dogwood20.11.2011
Autumn colours ... "Cherokee Sunset" dogwood20.11.2011
Autumn flowering ... "Carolina" azalea20.11.2011
Do you like surprises? What about a Japanese azalea that blooms twice a year? This madame is named Carolina and flowers both in spring as well as in October or early November. And as a bonus you get bi-coloured flowers.
Incredible. This shrubby perennial started flowering in my garden in late May and has not stopped blooming since. Now, that trees and shrubs as well as other perennials are slowly losing leaves - not mentioning flowers as they were gone quite a while ago - this wallflower still has stems with fresh flowers that did not mind 3 nights with frosts of -4°C. It will be available again in early spring 2012.
white birch15.11.2011
Have you ever noticed how beautiful can a common birch look? Especially now in the autumn. Its golden yellow leaves are flickering in November winds for quite a long time - maybe the same long time you wait for them to emerge in early spring. Here it is said to be a rule that once the birches make new leaves in spring the winter is definitely over. So what about a similar rule for the autumn?
And when there is nothing else to see outside let's have a look inside. About a month ago I transplanted a couple of tomato plants to my conservatory to supply me with fresh tomatoes for as long as possible. They look really yummy in the picture, what do you think? And they taste great :-)
The beauty of autumn ... "Taylor" Japanese maple15.11.2011
Just kidding. There is still a lot to see outside. For example Japanese maples. Their leaves are taking on several shades of red and pink, and some are really unique - such as "Taylor" variety.
Autumn colours ... "Dissectum Garnet" Japanese maple15.11.2011
Extremely bright colours are best viewed against the sun.
Autumn colours ... "Wieri" sugar maple15.11.2011
And other colours look better against the azure blue sky. This is not a Japanese maple though its leaves are as deeply cut as the Japanese varieties. It forms a medium tall tree with airy crown and slightly pendent branches. Very attractive.
Just blooming ... bougainvillea15.11.2011
... got you! :-) You know what this is, don't you? Of yourse this plant is not climbing my front door archway but the truth is that it is NOW flowering. But in Tuscany where I was last week :-) And its colour is so beautiful that I thoght it would cheer you up. I had this plant in my conservatory for quite a few years. It grew like mad but seldom flowered. I even tried to prune it hard to get some more flowers. Maybe it did not have enough sunlight inside. But it made so many looong shoots that I was afraid it was going to eat me. So it had to go.
Autumn colours ... "Raywood" claret ash15.11.2011
Back to our continental trees. This ash produces deep burgundy red colour in the autumn. The leaves are glossy and elegant and the tree does not get too big so can be placed in mid-sized gardens.
The beauty of autumn ... "Worplesdon Select" sweetgum14.11.2011
The following pictures were taken last week in Tuscany when selecting plants for the new gardening season 2012.
"Toscana" holly14.11.2011
This is a special new selection of common holly with spineless leaves. It is very similar to Camelliifolia but with lighter green colour and softer leaves.
"Blue and Gold" juniper14.11.2011
"Gheri Red" red maple14.11.2011
"Trionfo Azzurro" cedar14.11.2011
The beauty of autumn ... american oak14.11.2011
phyllostachys nigra14.11.2011
The beauty of autumn13.11.2011
The beauty of autumn04.11.2011
Got a feeling I have not showed much within the past couple of weeks? Well, right you are. The fog was so bad that it was not worth taking out my camera. Still, there were fragments of days when the fog disappeared and we could enjoy absolutely fabulous colours of autumn nature. Fancy looking at a few photos? The show is kicking off ...
The beauty of autumn ... sweetgum04.11.2011
Can you imagine you get to like something that gets no praize beforehand? Try it, I´ll keep mum :-)
The beauty of autumn ... sweetgum04.11.2011
The magic is omnipresent. Each leaf is different. Gorgeous.
The beauty of autumn ... "Lane Roberts" sweetgum04.11.2011
This variety has deep purple red leaves in autumn that they look almost black when looking up against the blue sky. Later the dark shades disappear and the leaves remain red until December and fall down usually after Christmas.
The beauty of autumn ... "Lane Roberts" sweetgum04.11.2011
The beauty of autumn04.11.2011
If you want to enjoy looking at autumn beauty while listening to some really good music try this - open the link in a new window or tab.
The beauty of autumn04.11.2011
The beauty of autumn04.11.2011
The beauty of autumn04.11.2011
Soft rime15.10.2011
Prague is slowly waking up to a beautiful and sunny weekend. On the other nahd this is the first autumn morning this year when everything was covered with soft rime. Though it may have caused a slight delay while clearing it off our windshields, the garden enriched with white frost looks rather poetic, what do you think?
Soft rime ... "Bela" hydrangea15.10.2011
Hydrangeas and their blooms last a long time. This blue variety holds its flowers well into autumn and if you do not deadhead them they will show a beautiful display when covored with glittering frost.
Soft rime ... "Endless Summer"® hydrangea15.10.2011
Soft rime ... sage15.10.2011
Autumn colours ... "Gum Ball" sweetgum15.10.2011
In the next two pictures I will show you two plants of the same variety with different autumn colours. The reason for that is simple: the plant does not have enough nutrients since it is still in a container. The colour change is still a part of the growing process. However, as the plant in a container has limited amount of soil and nutrients it does not have the strength to ripen the foliage and therefore does not offer the typical colour show as if planted in the garden. Some leaves will change colours but many of the just lose chlorophyll i.e. turn yellow and fall down. This situation will change once it starts growing in its location in the garden, and it will do everything we expect it to do.
Autumn colours ... "Gum Ball" sweet gum 215.10.2011
And this is what it looks like when it has more strength to split chlorophyll that is slowly disappearing leaving space for carotin which is red pigment. There is less of it in the leaves throughout the whole growing season but is only visible when green pigment is absent.
Autumn flowers ... mahónie "Winter Sun"13.10.2011
After last week´s rains the weather has duly turned to autumn, that means chilling cold. Not freezing yet but a good jacket will do the job. Stiil, as it was incredibly warm until first week October some plants that are supposed to bloom in late autumn, winter or even in the spring forced their flowers through already. This grape holly usually flowers from mid November until the last frost-free days of December. This year it has been flowering since mid September. Some plants have even started producing fruit. The flowers are rich sulphur-yellow with a lovely lemon scent.
Autumn flowers ... rododendron "Tamarindos"13.10.2011
This rhododendron is an example of an impatient fool that did not want to wait until spring like all the others and set its flowers now. Not the odd two or three like rhodes sometimes do. The whole shrub. Crazy guy, isn´t it?
Autumn flowers ... rodoedendron "Macarena"13.10.2011
Exactly the same thing. In orange-peach colour.
Autumn flowers ... "Pink Dawn" chitalpa13.10.2011
After strong pruning in midsummer this chitalpa set a new portion of flowers in late summer, and yet last week it had these.
Autumn flowers ... scarlet sage13.10.2011
This is an annual here, unfortunately. Still, it is so beautiful that it is worth planting even for one season. A vivid red field is rare to find and looks absolutely breathtaking.
Autumn colours ... "Pamina" Japanese anemone13.10.2011
I like Japanese anemone. They are pretty perennials that flower from late summer until autumn and offer various sizes and colours. Pamina is rich pink, semi-double, low growing.
Autumn colours ... "MF Dark Blue Dark Bee" larkspur13.10.2011
This larkspur belongs to our novelties this year. It bears large, deep indigo blue flowers with black bee in the centre. If cut back after first flowering in Juny/July it flowers again in autumn.
Autumn colours ... "Saphyr Orange" scarlet firethorn13.10.2011
Scarlet firethorn are popular evergreen shrubs with profusion of colourful berries in late summer and autumn. They are commonly used for hedging.
Autumn colours ... oakleaf hydrange13.10.2011
Autumn colours ... Amur maple13.10.2011
Autumn already?07.10.2011
Could this be the last image of warm and sunny Indian summer this year? Today the temperature made a rapid swing down to 9°C which made us change our swimming trunks from yesterday to winter jackets :-) Guess why our temper gets so moody then ...
Autumn colours ... "Sango Kaku" Japanese maple02.10.2011
It is clear that mother nature is not willing to slip into autumn yet. But some plants do not care a bit about current hot weather and still begin to change colours as and when they are supposed to do so. One has to admit - isn´t that the greatest show of all!
Autumn colours ... "Stared" sweetgum02.10.2011
Autumn colours ... "Grandiflora" hydrangea02.10.2011
Autumn colours ... French marigold02.10.2011
Autumn colours ... chaste tree02.10.2011
Autumn colours ... "Tom Thumb" hardy fuchsia02.10.2011
Autumn colours ... "Fireball" swamp mallow02.10.2011
Extraordinary beauty. These XXL flowers shine like red on traffic lights, as if saying "stop! and stare at me, aren´t I beauuuutiful!" :-)))
Autumn colours ... "Goldsturm" rudbeckia 02.10.2011
Cottage classic. Irresistible. Blooming from midsummer this perennial shines like a thousands suns for at least two months.
Beautiful weekend01.10.2011
It has been more than a week that the temperatures reach over 20°C during midday. Such beautiful weather makes many of us do things that are usual in summer months rather than the end of September. Well, for us - gardeners as well as most of yougreen-finger-lovers - it is a perfect opportunity to continue working on anything we did not have enough time to finish during the summer. These high temperatures and no rain or wind should last for at least about a week so enjoy your gardens!
Beautiful weekend01.10.2011
Although many other garden centres have stopped taking in new goods and sell out this year´s stock we have just brought it a new load of fantastic perennials that are flowering just now and offer a wide rande of colours and flower types.
Beautiful weekend01.10.2011
And on top of that we have just taken in a lorry full of trees that we are renowned for: sweetgums. These trees have fantastic autumn leaf colours and are available in many varieties from dwarf, low growing shrubs and medium feathered trees to large trees with beautiful crowns. The complete selection we have in stock now can be found in section NEWS.
Dwarf peach trees are very attractive small plants that bear profusion of peach flowers in the spring, in summer they have plnenty of beautiful foliage, and in autumn edible fruit is borne. That is a must have that thanks to its dwarf size fits even the smallest of gardens.
I fell in love with this blanket flower head over feet. So many flowers for so long, that is seldom a rule for a compact perennial.
This bluebeard has no rival when it gets to late summer and earyl autumn garden. It looks like a rich cushion of ink-blue flowers.
Swamp cypress loves wet places and that is why it is so popular in Czech clay soil and sites with wet ground. Anyway, it is truly one of the most fascinating trees with weeping crowns. Soft, grass-green needles make this plant a must have for locations with enough space around.
Another of my top favourite perennials is this gaura. It has a long flowering period and very attractive flowers. It looks great mulched with gravel.
This spring we sheared this white cedar more than I was sure I could ... Well, the result is superb. So many new shoots with vivid yellow needles make this tree an eye-catching centre in the middle of other dark green conifers.
This year fruit and berries of all kind are rippening unusually early. For instance this holly is supposed to show mature colour of its berries at the end of September but it bears bright red fruit from mid August already.
full moon11.09.2011
For those of you who are tonight sitting at the computer - look out of the window. What can you see? Gorgeous full moon. And since today´s date is quite unique from numerological point of view what if that this night is magical? I believe that and will make a wish :-) We shall see ...
Just blooming ... Hortenzie "Limelight"®08.09.2011
While in some gardens this hydrangea is showing its best = rich panicles of white flowers with some lime green shades ...
Just blooming ... Hortenzie "Limelight"®08.09.2011
... elsewhere the flowers are rippening and gaining pink shades which will slowly capture the whole inflorescens and will last on the plant until late autumn.
Just blooming ... Chinese wisteria08.09.2011
It is lovely to open the window in the morning and smell the beautiful perfume of this Chinese wisteria.
Just blooming ... Chinese wisteria08.09.2011
Summer is back!04.09.2011
Wow, yesterday was fantastic, I think I burnt my back and shoulders unexpectedly :-) The weather was great and they say it should last a while, well, do you ever believe our forecast?? So I got a great suggestion: get out and enjoy every minute of the last days of really hot summer, be it at your swimming pool ...
Summer is back!04.09.2011
... or at a beautiful lake ...
Summer is back!04.09.2011
... or why don´t you have a walk in the woods ...
Summer is back!04.09.2011
... or have a lazy Sunday at your favourite weekend cottage :-)
Just blooming ... lilyturf28.08.2011
Liriope - lilyturf- border grass - whatever name you give it this plant is a winner and I really recommend it. It has ribbon-like, deep green, glossy leaves and in late summer short spikes with pure violet flowers appear and they keep on blooming for as long as two months. It forms a neat cushion that keeps growing but not being aggressive, and produces more and more blooms every year. It loves part shade or filtered sunlight so grow it under tall trees or in a border with shrubs that will provide some shelter for some parts of the day. Awsome and easy to grow plant.
Just blooming ... "Natchez" crepe myrtle28.08.2011
Quite a few years I have been experimenting with crepe myrtles. These plants have always fascinated me for their exotic appearance and summer flowering. As they originate in the hottest parts of Asia it was damn difficult to come up with varieties hardy enough for continetal climate. Voilá! Here they come :-) Natchez is one of the hardiest that can grow into a small tree in our conditions. It has pure white flowers from mid August. In autumn its deciduous leaves turn multiple colours with dominant shades of orange and rusty brown. I have one in my garden and am always overwhelmed when it begins blooming.
Just blooming ... "Natchez" crepe myrtle28.08.2011
Pictures from you28.08.2011
Thanks for your pictures you keep posting. We like to see how much you enjoy plants you bought from us. This flower of Indian bean tree is from Otakar. Thank you!
Pictures from you28.08.2011
And since I asked you to send in your catch from your worldwide journeys I got these photos from Monika. They were taken in Ireland - just look at that. Isn´t that awsome!
Pictures from you28.08.2011
And here is what she writes:
"This is the Vee Valley in Ireland wher the hills are entirely covered with wild growing rhododendrons. They are all lilac-pink which is the only colour of the wild species. These are about 2m tall, profusely flowering, and they are all around the country. Hence an advice: go to Ireland only in May/June. Because when they flower the country is twice as beautiful."
I bet it is! Thanks a lot!
Pictures from you28.08.2011
And the last posted pictured today are from Dana. She sent it photos of her Ombrella albizia. What a beautiful tree!
Pictures from you28.08.2011
Just blooming ... bahenní ibi¹ek "Rosana"27.08.2011
Another swam mallow started to bloom. It has so many flower buds that it could continue blooming till Christmas if Santa decides to bring us a special present for Christmas: summer in winter :-)
Still blooming ... Chinese sweetshrub26.08.2011
Today let´s have a lok at a fww plants that keep on flowering all summer long or pop up in several flushes. This Chinese sweetshrub is a fascinating rarity. It has camellia-like single flowers and sizeable leaves that are larger than a mature blokes´s hand. We pruned after its first flowering in June and it keeps producing flowers on new wood every now and then.
Still blooming ... Chinese wisteria26.08.2011
First it blooms on bare wood in early spring, and then it begins flowering again in early July and keeps on until end of summer.
Still blooming ... "Pink Delight" butterfly bush26.08.2011
If you want your butterfly bush to be in flower all the time dead-head spent flowers regularly and add some fertilizer every one or two weeks.
Still blooming ... "Westzeit" rose26.08.2011
Exquisite golden orange colour of flowers that arrive in multiple flushes all summer long - from June until first frost, and on top of theat absolutely healthy foliage. This is a top orange rose in the market now.
Still blooming ... "Little Spire" Russian sage26.08.2011
Do you know what makes this plant so attractive and colourful for such a long time? The flower calyxes. They are velvety-mauve and are produced in enourmous quantity from early summer and remain on the plant until early autumn. Flowers are violet and appear in late summer.
Still blooming ... "Kobold" shrubby cinquefoil26.08.2011
Still blooming ... "Freedom" Rose-of-Sharon26.08.2011
And among the longest flowering shrubs of summer are obviously hibiscus - Rose-of-Sharon. This one has double flowers of purple-red colour.
Still blooming ... "Summer Bells" chitalpa26.08.2011
And last but not least - chitalpa. This hybrid started blooming in June and keeps on going.
Still blooming ... hortenzie dubolistá26.08.2011
This hydrangea is really special. Apart from interesting shape of leaves and compact growth it bears attractive flowers that are first pruduced in June. They are almost snow white and turn dusky pink in August while new flowers that are white again come out. So the shrub has flowers of two colours, isn´t that uncanny?
Tropical heat wave ... !Picasso" canna23.08.2011
Wow, what a heat wave! Daily temperatures over 30°C and almost 20 at night. Got a pool? Stay in it! And have a look at the following images showing exotic flowers that can easily be grown in our country.
Tropical heat wave ... "Summer Chocolate" silk tree23.08.2011
Tropical heat wave23.08.2011
Water? Obviously! Summer and swimming pool belong to gether like horse and carriage :-)
Tropical heat wave ... "Francois Treyve" bull bay magnolia23.08.2011
Just returned from holiday with an image in you head - large, white, sweetly scented flowers? That must have been bull bay magnolia! This variety is another hardy jewel that can be grown outdoors in our climate (zone 5b)!
Tropical heat wave ... "Ombrella" silk tree23.08.2011
Tropical heat wave ... giant gunnera23.08.2011
Tropical heat wave ... "Riccartonii" hardy fuchsia23.08.2011
Just blooming ... "Indian Summer" trumpet vine21.08.2011
Do you think there are too many images of this orange trumpet vine? Well, you´ll have to get over it because I love it as I love orange colour. And all of you plnat lovers must admit that this plant is absolutely fabulous! :-) This picture shows three plants put together to forma shrub that flowers profusely ALL SUMMER LONG!
Just blooming ... "Latifolia" chaste tree21.08.2011
Right next to it there is a this violet-blue chaste tree. Lovely combination of colours, what do you think?
Just blooming ... bah"Fireball" swamp mallow21.08.2011
And now - something really extra: extra large flowers of another swamp mallow hybrid. The flowers are a size of a dessert plate, deep royal velvet red colour, and leaves like marihuanna. What a plant! :-)
Bright colour of this cut-leaf sumac.
Just blooming ... "Blue Chiffon"® Rose-of-Sharon21.08.2011
Just blooming ... "Madame Galen" trumpet vine21.08.2011
Probably the best-selling trumpet vine here - large-flowered Madame Galen.
Just blooming ... Chinese trumpet vine21.08.2011
And this is the true grandiflora trumpet vine from China. Its beauty is enhanced by the combination salmon orange-pink colour and yellow throat.
Just blooming ... "Mauvelous"® swamp mallow17.08.2011
This year´s first flower. Larger than my hand :-)
This summer everything seems to be rushing like mad - much too early compared to usual rippening time. This holly has coloured its yellow berries which means that they will be mature in a couple of weeks already!
White early maturity of ornamental berries is interesting the same thing in case of edible fruit is most welcome :-) For instance this early pear is delicious and juicy, and on the half-standard trees we sell there are up to 6 pears on one tree!
This apple is not ready yet but the fruit colour is perfect álready. And there are over 10 pieces on a tree.
Just blooming ... "Graham Thomas" rose17.08.2011
As this sweetgum grows in a waterlogged place it already thinks that the autumn has begun :-) Therefore its leaves are beginning to turn various shades of red and will continue towards absolutely fantastic brilliant red in September and October. I will keep you posted :-)
Pictures from you17.08.2011
Fig tree from Croatia. Ms. Jana sent us a few pictures from her holiday. I just hope that the fruit will follow later :-)
Pictures from you17.08.2011
The trip16.08.2011
On Sunday the weather was so great (after a looong time) that I decided to take my bike for a trip :-) Lipno lake is quite close and I had never been to see their new cycleway so I gave it a go. Fantastic! The lake is awsome and there were incredible loads of tourists everywhere - just like at the seaside.
The trip16.08.2011
The trip16.08.2011
The trip16.08.2011
Worthless commenting on the incredible wind that we and our plants suffered from during the past few days. It is gone now, thank God. There is just one good aspect about it - trees that have different and intertesting colour of their reverse sides of leaves were really showing off :-) just like this sycamore tree.
Just blooming ... "Frans Hals" daylily12.08.2011
This beauty is featured in our company logo, did you know?
Just blooming ... "May To Frost" magnolia12.08.2011
And this stubborn lady has eventually showed summer flowers after two years of resting ... Well done!
The sunset08.08.2011
Another day is almost over and though it has rained through completely its ending is looking fabulous. So I grabbed the camera to share my joy with you. It looks like a promise of a sunny tomorrow, what do you think?
The sunset08.08.2011
So today I am going to skip the texts to have more time to upload as many images as possible. Enjoy!
The sunset08.08.2011
The sunset08.08.2011
The sunset08.08.2011
Just blooming ... "Goldelse"® standard rose08.08.2011
Yes, I admit to have become a rose lover. But not any rose. Goldelse® is my favourite one because it has just the colour I love - rich golden yellow. It has a medium strong, lovely perfume; it is absolutely healthy; and it flowers in several flushes from June till the first frosts.
Just blooming ... "Chicago Apache" daylily08.08.2011
See you later alligator :-)08.08.2011
Today I was playing a lifeguard saving lives of two tiny young lizzards. First I saw just one that fell off the pool edge into water unable to get back. So I took it out and suddenly saw another one. So here are two brothers who almost did not get home for dinner (I bet they won´t tell mummy how stupid they were getting so close to the slippery pool edge to fall down and almost drowned in circulating water). I dried them on my hand and then let them go in between the stones. The second one disappeared quite quickly, while the first one did not want to let go (may liked me though :-) so I will see if I get to see them sunbathing on the stones again when the grow bigger!
The leaves are more than one meter long.
Just blooming ... "Ombrella"® silk tree08.08.2011
Just blooming ... "Madame Galen" trumpet vine08.08.2011
Just blooming ... "Tom Thumb" hardy fuchsia08.08.2011
Yes, these are hardy fuchsias that are designed for outdoor cultivation. We even stopped using winter protection and they are doing superbly - stronger and bigger every year with profusion of fuchsia red flowers.
Just blooming ... "Riccartonii" hardy fuchsia08.08.2011
Just blooming ... "Summer Storm" swamp mallow07.08.2011
I know that I have already posted a picture of this swamp mallow. But it was taken of a plant in a pot. Now I am showing you a flower that opened on a plant growing in my garden in very acidic soil. The colour is just incredible, not to mention its size and the colour of the foliage. A pure MUST HAVE in a summer garden!
Just blooming ... "Indian Summer" tree trumpet vive07.08.2011
Pictures from you04.08.2011
Today we received a few pictures of hydrangeas from a customer of Ostrava region. She bought them here last year and now she wants everone to see how well they do and how beautiful they can get. Yes, they surely are gorgeous, thanks a lot!
This variety is called Pinky Winky.
Pictures from you04.08.2011
... a this one is probably even nicer: Vanille Fraise.
Just blooming ... "Annabelle" hydrangea04.08.2011
Let´s have a look at other hydrangeas that are flowering just now.
Just blooming ... "Endless Summer"® hydrangea04.08.2011
Just blooming ... "Peppermint" hydrangea04.08.2011
Just blooming ... "Preziosa" hydrangea04.08.2011
Just blooming ... "Limelight"® hydrangea04.08.2011
Just blooming ... "Summer Storm" swamp mallow04.08.2011
This is the right time for hardy hibiscus - swamp mallow to start flowering. Summer Storm is the first of them to bloom with it large pinkish white flowers with red centres. Leaves are deep burgundy red.
Just blooming ... "Kopper King" swamp mallow04.08.2011
Fruit ... "Bergeron" apricot02.08.2011
I bet most of you like fruit - well, who doesn't? So let me ask you a simple question - what fruit is best? Of course! The fruit you grow yourself! Such fruit always tastes sweetest and best of everything. This year has been good for apricots and peaches as well as wasps I am afraid so pick up the fruit before it gets damaged by their stings.
Fruit ... "Luizet" apricot02.08.2011
But if should really tell my top favoutite fruit it would surely by Luizet variety of apricot. It is VERY sweet and aromatic and ripens by end July already.
Fruit ... "Spring Crest"peach02.08.2011
This year's crop of this variety has been fantastic! We had to support the branches under the heavy load of fruit. Unfortunately, heavy was also the rain last week after that a lot of the fruit fell down. But still, there was enough left on the tree to enjoy.
Fruit ... "Spring Time" peach02.08.2011
If you are looking for a super sweet peach, try this variety. Its fruit is smaller but very delicious, extremely juicy and aromatic. It ripe¹ns in first half of July.
Before it gets dark31.07.2011
Today I would like to invite you to my house. Well, not literally of course, since I can see from the website statistics that there are over a thousand of you watching and reading us every day and this number of visitors my house simply cannot accommodate, unfortunately, as much as I would love to. Anyway, the issue today is the view of the garden from the inside. If your windows face the garden (which at least some usually do) it is good to create the garden the way that it becomes a part of your home. Not just as a lovely sight, there is a special emotion you get when viewing the right landscape that fills you with more space inside your soul than what your 4 walls around you can offer. Not hard to make it right, so come along and you will see ...
Before it gets dark31.07.2011
To make it clearer I made another shot of the same place as the previous scene but this time without the disturbing elements of the inside of the house. So I am standing on the very same spot but my eyes focus only on the garden scene, leaving behing the furniture inside, lights and all the other stuff. And my mind feels free, as if it was right in the centre of the lawn, enjoying the freedom of space. And that is exactly what every spirit, every human longs for: freedom. So allow our souls fly away to feel free from the boundaries of house walls. The garden is an ideal place for healing the body and soul, have you ever tried that?
Before it gets dark31.07.2011
All pictures were photographed this evening before 9 o’clock before the outside lights in the garden went on. That is a calm and very pleasant part of the day when the working day has gone to sleep and the evening has not truly started because it hasn’t got dark yet. The pictures have been processed a bit to show you the most of the landscape. This view is from the master bedroom on the first floor. Looking out into the green landscape just after you wake up is as great as appreciating its deep colours in the evening.
Before it gets dark31.07.2011
This photo, I hope, will be enjoyed by those of you who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Yes, a view from the kitchen window. It is very important to me as I love to cook and when making food for the ones I love I simply need to feel comfortable and the opportunity to let my mind wander around the garden while my hands are chopping vegetables is just great.
Before it gets dark31.07.2011
What I find absolutely fascinating is how near the plants can get. Just open the window and you can touch the leaves! This is so typical in English gardens which I admired when I was younger, and I must admit they were my initial inspiration when I began thinking of working with plants as a job. The best thing is, of course, if the leaves near the windows are evergreen so you can see and touch something live and green all year long.
Before it gets dark31.07.2011
Well, we have come to an end today - the last view I have here for you is the most important one for me: from my office. In fact it is a conservatory which has been re-designed to be my season’s office from March till October. This is the place from where I am writing to you, uploading new images, introducing new plants, and do any other work needed for this job that cannot be done outside. But still – I feel like I am outside, surrounded by magnolias, hibiscus, wedding cake tree and even day-lilies and roses in the distance.
I wish you to find a bond between the inside and the outside of your own homes, too. I promise you will love it. And for today it is just a good-night and an advise to leave your window open to hear the crickets. Their symphony is so soothing in summer, don’t you think? 
Japonský jerlín -one of the trees of Prague25.07.2011
This time I will show you images of a tree I love most - Japanese pagoda tree. I fell in love with it for multiple reasons:

- though it is a big street tree it looks very elegant and tender
- it has attractive pinnate leaves that resemble tropical trees
- it blooms in summer
- and most of all it is one of the few typical trees of our beautiful capital - Prague, especially its central parts where you can find dozens of them.

Ready for a show? Let´s kick off ...
Japanese pagoda tree -one of the trees of Prague25.07.2011
Japanese pagoda tree -one of the trees of Prague25.07.2011
Japanese pagoda tree -one of the trees of Prague25.07.2011
Japanese pagoda tree -one of the trees of Prague25.07.2011
Japanese pagoda tree -one of the trees of Prague25.07.2011
Just blooming ... Agapanthus "Black Buddhist"21.07.2011
Since we last added some pictures there have been a number of rainstorms, thunderstorms and orcans. Now the weather has gone back to normal (i.e. raining for a change ...) and I have a few minutes to upload some new photos showing how beautiful it can be when the sun is out and plants are at their best.

For instance this African blue lily is just fantastic. And looks even better when combined with orange trumpet vine.
Just blooming ... Campsis x tagliabuana "Indian Summer"®21.07.2011
And that is it - orange gorgeousness Inadian Summer®. Its vivid orange flowers are complemented with deep green, glossy leaves thanks to which the plants looks very healthy and luxurious.
Just blooming ... Campsis x tagliabuana "Indian Summer"®21.07.2011
In our garden as well as in our clients' gardens we grow it as a shrub which is the best way to make it look best. It is very easy - take three plants and plant them in a triangle the way that the bamboo sticks (every plant has at least one as a support when being sold) are tied up together at the top. This way you can expect a dense and profusely flowering shrubby plant in latest 2 years from planting.
Just blooming ... Agapanthus "Polar Ice"21.07.2011
Going back to today's first picture of African blue lily, did you know that there is a pure white variety, too? Its name is Polar Ice and it flowers in strong, almost a meter tall stems. The flower heads are large and rich, flowering profusely for at least a month.
Just blooming ... Campsis radicans "Flamenco"21.07.2011
Trumpets again! Flamenco is a red-flowering variety of this vine.
Just blooming ... Hydrangea aspera "Macrophylla"21.07.2011
Beauty of catalpa ... Catalpa bignonioides "Aurea"05.07.2011
Two pieces of good news toda: the weather is getting back to normal = summer came back and towards the end of the week we can expect tropical nights, so everyone who has not vanished to some seaside resort can enjoy the heat wave in full throttle :-)
And the other news is that catalpas have began blooming. What a beauty!
Beauty of catalpa ... Catalpa bignonioides "Aurea"05.07.2011
Aurea variety bears very large, bright yellowish-green leaves and it is the only variety of catalpa to form a wide, umbrella-like crown that will easily accommodate the whole family for a Sunday brunch including a table.
Beauty of catalpas ... Catalpa x erubescens "Purpurea"05.07.2011
Purpurea variety brings the most abundant flowering ot it may at least seem so because of deep purple leaves that form a contrasting background for the flowers.
Beauty of catalpas ... Catalpa x erubescens "Purpurea"05.07.2011
Its leaves are large, too, and young ones are deep purple.
Beauty of catalpas ... Catalpa x erubescens "Purpurea"05.07.2011
This variety has a mushroom-like head.
Beauty of catalpas ... Catalpa bignonioides05.07.2011
And the last one to show you today is the species which starts blooming earliest of all catalpas.
Beauty of catalpas ... Catalpa bignonioides05.07.2011
And I am very happy to see that catalpas are becoming used much more oftenas street trees these days so even if you do not have a garden you can enjoy its beauty.
Beauty of catalpas ... Catalpa bignonioides "Nana"05.07.2011
To be truthful, there is another catalpa - Nana. It does not flower but due to its small size and dense, rounded crown it has many admirers.
Just blooming ... Gaura lindheimeri "Geyser Pink"02.07.2011
Among summer flowering perennials there is a jewel called gaura. This plant flowers from June until the first frost and offers a profusion of light pink flowers.
Just blooming ... Eremurus x isabellinus "Cleopatra"21.06.2011
Amazing! It is called desert candle and looks luxurious in a Mediterranean-style garden.
Just blooming ... Magnolia grandiflora "Goliath"21.06.2011
Just blooming ... Rosa "Canzonetta"21.06.2011
Just blooming ... Santolina chamaecyparissus21.06.2011
Picture present18.06.2011
From my nieces I got this picture for my name´s day. Isn´t it just like me in the picture? Oh, it is supposed to me be!! :-))
Coloured foliage ... Ilex aquifolium "White Cream"17.06.2011
Coloured foliage ... Physocarpus opulifolius "Diabolo"17.06.2011
Coloured foliage ... Physocarpus opulifolius "Diabolo"17.06.2011
Coloured foliage ... Prunus laurocerasus "Marbled White"17.06.2011
Coloured foliage ... Pieris japonica "Katsura"17.06.2011
Just blooming ... Rosa "Westzeit"17.06.2011
Just blooming ... Rosa "Schneeflocke"17.06.2011
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Van"17.06.2011
Giant leaves ... Magnolia tripetala17.06.2011
Just blooming ... Buddleja davidii "Reve de Papillon"16.06.2011
Butterfly bush has just started flowering, what a scent ...
Just blooming ... Kalmia latifolia f.myrtifolia07.06.2011
Today we proudly present kalmia show (mountain laurel).
Just blooming ... Kalmia latifolia "Galaxy"07.06.2011
Just blooming ... Kalmia latifolia "Bridesmaid"07.06.2011
Just blooming ... Kalmia latifolia "Bulls Eye"07.06.2011
Just blooming ... Kalmia latifolia "Splendens"07.06.2011
Just blooming ... Kalmia latifolia "Olympic Wedding"07.06.2011
Just blooming ... Kalmia latifolia "Elf"07.06.2011
Just blooming ... Kalmia latifolia "Kaleidoscope"07.06.2011
Just blooming ... Kalmia latifolia "Pink Charm"07.06.2011
Just blooming ... Lavandula angustifolia "Hidcote"04.06.2011
New goods in04.06.2011
They look like working, aren´t they? :-)
Just blooming ... Cytisus nigricans "Cyni"04.06.2011
Just blooming ... Ligustrum ovalifolium04.06.2011
Our garden31.05.2011
Is there a better way how to decorate the exterior of the house? The garden makes the house almost invisible from the street as if hidden in the jungle.
Just blooming ... Robinia hispida31.05.2011
Just blooming ... Weigela florida "Stelzneri"31.05.2011
Just blooming ... Physocarpus opulifolius "Diabolo"31.05.2011
Just blooming ... Physocarpus opulifolius "Diabolo"31.05.2011
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Pinguin"31.05.2011
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Erato"31.05.2011
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Lilofee"31.05.2011
Just blooming ... Kalmia latifolia f.myrtifolia31.05.2011
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Dolcemente"31.05.2011
Just blooming ... Aconitum napellus31.05.2011
Just blooming ... Ceanothus thyrsiflorus "Victoria"30.05.2011
Just blooming ... Laburnum alpinum "Pendulum"30.05.2011
Just blooming ... Aesculus pavia "Koehnei"30.05.2011
Just blooming ... Paeonia "Rosea Plena"29.05.2011
Just blooming ... Azalea x "Martha Hitchcock"29.05.2011
Garden in May29.05.2011
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Roseum Elegans"29.05.2011
Just blooming ... Rhododendron wardii "Goldsprenkel"29.05.2011
Just blooming ... Azalea "Glowing Embers"29.05.2011
Just blooming ... Azalea "Chetco"29.05.2011
Just blooming ... Weigela florida "Victoria"29.05.2011
Just blooming ... Deutzia x "Mont Rose"24.05.2011
Just blooming ... Paeonia "Bowl of Beauty"18.05.2011
Like a portion of vannila ice-cream in a pink bowl. Fantastic flower, you feel like eating it all :-)
Just blooming ... Paeonia "Rubra Plena"18.05.2011
Just blooming ... Azalea japonica "Schneeperle"18.05.2011
Fascinating profusion of pure white double flowers from mid May until early June. Like a layer of fresh snow.
Correct answer17.05.2011
The answer to our miniquiz question on Sunday is laburnum anagyroides. Not a wisteria, of course.
Just blooming ... Magnolia liliiflora "Nigra Select"17.05.2011
Just blooming ... Azalea "Persil"17.05.2011
Just blooming ... Azalea "Gibraltar"17.05.2011
Just blooming ... Azalea "Chetco"17.05.2011
Just blooming ... Azalea x "Royal Pink"17.05.2011
Just blooming ... Magnolia "Charles Coates"17.05.2011
After the rain15.05.2011
How can you tell that the rain has ended? It is not just the end of the raindrops' tap dance. Before you can even realize that the water stopped coming down your roof and windows you can hear several songs performed by the birds who celebrate the end of rain their own way - singing like a jukebox. And the landscape seems yet a bit more beautiful.
Wisterias ... Wisteria floribunda "Violacea Plena"15.05.2011
This year´s weird spring has brought a strange thing: Japanese and Chinese wisterias bloom at the same time. I can´t recall the last time it happened (if ever).
Wisterias ... Wisteria floribunda "Multijuga"15.05.2011
This variety is spectacular. This year the racemes are longer than 100 cm!!
Wisterias ... Wisteria floribunda "Alba"15.05.2011
Like a bride ... (or "like a virgin"? :-)
Wisterias ... Wisteria floribunda "Rosea"15.05.2011
Wisterias ... Wisteria sinensis15.05.2011
The classic item is still this Chinese wisteria with fragrant violet flowers .
wisteria ... ?15.05.2011
Wow, there are some more racemes, this time yellow. Could this be another version of wisteria? :-) I think we will send a small present to the one who will name this plant exactly - we want a complete Latin name to our e-mail
Just blooming ... Rhododendron wardii "Finesse"03.05.2011
Do you want a yellow rhododendron? I mean really YELLOW. This one was bred by Hans Hachmann and is absolutely exquisite. Bravo, Mr.Hachmann!
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Belami"®03.05.2011
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Dolcemente"03.05.2011
Just blooming ... Rhododendron wardii "Goldkollier"03.05.2011
Just blooming ... Rhododendron makinoi "Rosa Perle"03.05.2011
Japanese makinoi rhododendron have leaves that do not really look like rhododendron leaves. They recall oleander plants. Their flowers are mostly various shades pink. Rosa Perle is a variety producing the most intense bright pink colour.
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Cunningham's White"03.05.2011
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Cosmopolitan"03.05.2011
As we were extremely busy early this spring I did not find enough time to upload plant images as they came to bloom the exact day. However, in case of this rhododendron, it is not just an early bloomer but a long-lasting one. Though the first flowers appeared some 3 weeks ago it is still beautiful and covered with flowers.
Just blooming ... Azalea japonica "Hot Shot Variegated"03.05.2011
Just blooming ... Rhododendron impeditum "Luisella"03.05.2011
Just blooming ... Azalea japonica "Silver Sword"03.05.2011
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Lavendula"03.05.2011
Just blooming ... Azalea x "Carolina"03.05.2011
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "Markeeta´s Prize"03.05.2011
Magnolias ... "Daphne"30.04.2011
This year´s spring has been very kind to magnolias, especially the early flowering ones. No frost and relatively cold weather have extended their blooming time to the absolute maximum which is as many as 4 weeks for most of them. Now is the time for mid-season bloomers amongst which the most spectacular and undoubtedly the yellowest variety is Daphne.
Magnolias ... "May-to-Frost""30.04.2011
We are often asked wha this special magnolia that is supposed to bloom in more than one phase throughout the season is reluctant to repeat flowering. The answer is simple: this madam is stubborn. One year it keeps on blooming as if she was destined to die the next day, and the year after it produces a few flowers in early spring and then hides her flower buds as if saying "you´ve seen enough".
Magnolias ... "Gold Crown"30.04.2011
Magnolias ... "Nigra"30.04.2011
Magnolias ... "Nigra Select"30.04.2011
Magnolias ... "Goldstar"30.04.2011
Magnolias ... "Susan"30.04.2011
The last one today is Susan. The absolute bestseller among red magnolias - deep flower colour, late blooming, limited size. These features make it a favourite pice in many gardens.
Just blooming ... Rhododendron calophytum "Dominik"22.04.2011
Just blooming ... Magnolia brooklynensis "Yellow Bird"22.04.2011
Just blooming ... Rhododendron repens "Baden-Baden"22.04.2011
Just blooming ... Mahonia aquifolium "Apollo"22.04.2011
Just blooming ... Rhododendron "President Roosevelt"13.04.2011
Just blooming ... Magnolia loebneri "Léonard Messel"13.04.2011
Just blooming ... Magnolia "May-to-Frost"13.04.2011
Just blooming ... Prunus kurilensis "Ruby"12.04.2011
Evergreen ... Pinus mugo "Mops"12.04.2011
Just blooming ... Prunus mume "Benishidore"12.04.2011
Just blooming ... Magnolia stellata12.04.2011
Just blooming ... Azalea japonica "Anouk"12.04.2011
First to bloom... Rhododendron "Praecox"05.04.2011
First to bloom ... Forsythia x intermedia "Goldrausch"05.04.2011
First to bloom ... Prunus campanulata "Okame"05.04.2011
First to bloom ... Skimmia japonica "Fragrant Cloud"05.04.2011
First to bloom... Magnolia yulan03.04.2011
Vivat spring! Well, eventually it is here. Today has been so hot that not only t-shirts and shorts were on, also shoes were off. Warm and hot weather is making the early bloomers show their assets and they duly respond with profusion of colours and shapes.
First of them - magnolias, of course. This one called Yulan is a fantastic tree with creamy white, porcelain-like flowers with a lovely scent.
First to bloom... Magnolia x soulangeana "Rustica Rubra"03.04.2011
First to bloom... Magnolia stellata "Royal Star"03.04.2011
First to bloom ... Magnolia "Wadas Memory"03.04.2011
Flowers in winter ... Hamamaelis intermedia "Westerstede"15.03.2011
Evergreen ... Lecothoe "Scarletta"®10.03.2011
One of the hardiest evergreen plants with red foliage. In fact the leaves are red from autumns to spring if grown in half shade or shade, but if grown in full sun in constantly moist soil it will always have red tips even in summer.
Evergreen ... Aucuba japonica "Crotonifolia Gold"10.03.2011
One of the most beautiful golden-leaved evergreen plants for shady gardens - Crotonifolis Gold aucuba. Isn´t it gorgeous? Very hardy.
Evergreen ... Trochodendron aralioides04.03.2011
Evergreen ... Aucuba japonica "Rozannie"04.03.2011
Evergreen ... Ilex aquifolium "Golden van Tol"04.03.2011
Winter's fairytale :-)19.02.2011
Is this a perfect picture of winter beauty or a mean cruelty of winter showing its last strength? :-)
Flowers in winter ... Hamamaelis intermedia "Jelena"06.02.2011
Finally! The weather is quickly turning from miserable to amazing (nothing in between) and with heavy portions of warm sun winter-blooming plants are waking up to life. Witch hazels offer the most spectacular show with fragrant flowers for as long as 6 weeks. This, what you can see in today's picture, is just a beginning: half-opened flower that in a week's time will be twice the size.
Flowers in winter ... Hamamaelis intermedia "Jelena"06.02.2011
A beautiful conifer with intense yellow sprays of flat needles. Its colour is deeper in cold months.
Did you know where the army got inspired when inventing the camouflage design? :-)
Evergreen ... Abies lasiocarpa "Compacta"06.02.2011
Evergreen ... Pieris japonica "Nanum"06.02.2011
This dwarf lily-of-the-valley shrub has crimson red buds that will open into white urn-shaped flowers in early spring.
Evergreen ... Hedera colchica "Sulphur Heart"06.02.2011
A very hardy ivy conidering the size of its evergreen leaves.
Evergreen ... Ilex aquifolium "Harpune"06.02.2011
Evergreen ... Viburnum tinus "Eve Price"03.02.2011
Evergreen ... Ilex aquifolium "Myrtifolia"03.02.2011
Evergreen ... Yucca flaccida "Golden Sword"03.02.2011
Evergreen ... Prunus laurocerasus "Rotundifolia"03.02.2011
Evergreen ... Ilex aquifolium "Argenteomarginata"03.02.2011
Evergreen ... Stranvaesia davidiana27.01.2011
Botanical term "evergreen" means holding its live foliage all year round. But not necessarily green foliage. David´s photinia is a beautiful example.
Evergreen ... Quercus myrsinifolia27.01.2011
This bamboo-leaf oak is supposed to be green. However, the soil in my garden is quite wet over winter so the leaves turn more or less yellow.
Evergreen ... Ilex x meserveae "Blue Prince"®27.01.2011
I swear I do not polish them secretly every night ...
Evergreen ... Rhododendron "Blattgold"26.01.2011
When we ordered this rhododendron for the first time a few years ago its breeder told us to make sure it is planted on a protected site because it could be a bit tender. No way. This hybrid is a gorgeous and very reliable and hardy variety which even in partial sun in winter shows no sunscald. Just see for yourself.
Evergreen ... Mahonia bealei26.01.2011
One of the most spectacular evergreen architectural plants. It blooms from end February.
Our garden in the middle of winter10.01.2011
Yesterday's wether was just awsome and as it usually happens, New Year brought some thaw and ... will be followed by frost again? Well, who knows. Truth is that winter is only in its middle so we can expect anything. But on such days when at least a little sunshine gets through the coulds the garden looks excquisite. So fresh and optimistic with all the evergreen stuff. You can beat back winter depression with lush green, yellow and even some red shades of foliage that helps us stay fresh, too. So, enjoy the pictures!
Our garden in the middle of winter10.01.2011
Our garden in the middle of winter10.01.2011
Our garden in the middle of winter10.01.2011
Our garden in the middle of winter10.01.2011
Our garden in the middle of winter10.01.2011
Our garden in the middle of winter10.01.2011
Our garden in the middle of winter10.01.2011
Our garden in the middle of winter10.01.2011
Our garden in the middle of winter10.01.2011
Our garden in the middle of winter10.01.2011
Our garden in the middle of winter10.01.2011
Our garden in the middle of winter10.01.2011
Our garden in the middle of winter10.01.2011
Our garden in the middle of winter10.01.2011
Our garden in the middle of winter10.01.2011
Our garden in the middle of winter10.01.2011
Our garden in the middle of winter10.01.2011
Today's scenic tour was short - just around my garden. And it ends where it started - at the front door. First we looked from the gate towards the door and windows, now we are looking out of the window to the garden. Tell me, isn't it lovely seeing all this green in January? See you soon ;-)
The Simpsons08.01.2011
This time it has nothing to do with gardening, I admit, but you must admit that this intro to one of the most popular aminated series in history is just hillarious!!! :-)))
New Year´s Day walk02.01.2011
It is a custom that on New Year´s Day people make a walk to keep oneself in good condition for the rest of the year. I obviously had one, too, and we went to see the local dam at Mal¹e river.
New Year´s Day walk02.01.2011
By the way this is how it looks in summer ... isn´t it beautiful?
New Year´s Day walk02.01.2011
It does not happen too often that the water gets frozen so deep you can walk on the ice. This year it was abolutely safe and we hade a wonderful stroll through the middle of the river/dam.
New Year´s Day walk02.01.2011
So making angels was inevitable :-)
New Year´s Day walk02.01.2011
Do you think you can teach your dog make an angel in the snow? NEVER!
New Year´s Day walk02.01.2011
It is almost hard to believe that in the 13th century there used to stand a fortress.
New Year´s Day walk02.01.2011
Now there are picturesque pine woods.
New Year´s Day walk02.01.2011
Even though the temperature was well below zero the sun was warm and the evergreen trees had a beautiful shade of green as if there was no frost at all.
New Year´s Day walk02.01.2011
Ivies vined around the trees ...
New Year´s Day walk02.01.2011
And in one place without snow you could see beautiful groundcover of periwinkles.
New Year´s Day walk02.01.2011
Well, east or west home is always best, so see you next time! :-)
We wish you all the best in the new year01.01.2011
At about half past 7 am it looked like this ...
... the Moon was still up showing its fairy-tale face ...
... and after 9 am the sun changed the scenery completely ...
Pinus nigra01.01.2011
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