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This line was developed for those who want to enjoy our plants without having to spend money on bigger specimens. Especially collectors and lovers of rare and unusual plants can find items here which will enrich their collection at low prices.

Plants in HOBBY sizes are the smallest we are able to offer not compromising their quality. They are young, obviously, yet we have worked hard to achieve higher quality compared to the same species and varieties available in similar sizes from other garden centres and nurseries. We have always been quality sensitive and our philosophy is the same for a large, expensive plant as well as the smallest baby we have. We believe that you – the customers will always appreciate is of guaranteed health and shows good vigour even if it is a bit more expensive. On the other hand, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase you can always present a claim and it will be properly attended to.

Note: New plants are added continuously all your round, but mostly from November to March, so the collection keeps growing. We suggest checking our website frequently in order to keep yourself updated and see what has been added. We do not send out newsletters as we believe that they are not always welcome and could be a bit of a nuisance when your mind is set to something completely different.

Plants in HOBBY COLLECTION present the lowest possible prices and generally cannot be discounted during sales. Still, there is one option – our HOBBY Plus card which you can purchase online or in one of our garden centres. This card entitles you to get 5% off on all plants including those in HOBBY COLLECTION. It lasts forever and needn’t be renewed. Buy this card.


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