Platycladus (Thuja) orientalis 'PYRAMIDALIS AUREA'

Platycladus (Thuja) orientalis
Platycladus (Thuja) orientalis  'PYRAMIDALIS AUREA'
oriental arborviatae
SIZE/TYPE taller shrub
USUAL WIDTH 0.5-1.5m
LEAVES evergreen conifer
COLOUR OF LEAVES varigated:light green a yellow
FLOWERS insignificant or non-blooming
LOCATION full to partial sun
USDA zone (lowest) 5b   (down to -27°C)
FOR ZONE 5+6 Code of winter protection zone 5+6
FOR ZONE 7 Code of winter protection zone 7
Hedging plants
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This conifer is known under its other name – thuja. This plant is from a cypress family, it grows compact and dense like its thuja relative Smaragd.

The scale-like leaves are fresh green maturing to yellow or golden-yellow, gaining red shades in winter. Its natural habit is more fastigiated and slim rather than pyramidal as its Latin name suggests.

It is a trouble-free conifer which, once established, needs no maintenance at all. It grows slowly and may be pruned or trimmed in spring and late summer. It is quite soil tolerant but dislikes boggy locations and long-standing water. Just keep the soil moist after planting. It does well on exposed sites and is suitable for hedges. Not recommended for mountainous resorts with long-lasting frosts and heavy snow falls. Hardy to min.-24°C and withstands short spells of temperatures dwn to -28°C.

Last update 19-09-2008; 15-03-2013

  • STANDARD QUALITY - Plants of this group are 1st class quality with number of branches and overall density adequate to their size and age, considering they were container grown.
  • DE LUXE QUALITY - This label guarantees a luxurious quality of manually selected plants that, compared to their height and age, are exceptionally dense and beautiful.
  • EXTRA - These plants are usually mature and bigger specimens with exceptional overall appearance.
  • STANDARD (as described in the plant form) means a tree with a trunk of 190-210 cm and a crown at the top, unless specified differently. The commercial size for trees is their girth measured in the height of 1m from ground.
  • HOBBY - These plants are of the same quality as our standard-quality plants but younger and therefore cheaper.
  • SHRUB - a woody plant with branches growing bushy from the ground level.
  • HALF-STANDARD or MINI-STANDARD - a small tree with shorter trunk, its size is usually specified.
  • FEATHERED - These are trees with branches growing already from the base of the trunk and up along the stem.
  • GRASSES and PERENNIALS - Sizes given usually read the diameter of the pot or the clump, as specified.
LARGE PLANTS over 150 cmspecimens, screening and hedging shrubs

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