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Hibiscus x
450 Kč
added: 05.08.2017
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Hibiscus syriacus
height 80-100 cm2800 Kč
added: 17.05.2017
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Sorbus aucuparia
height 250-300 cm890 Kč
added: 02.03.2017
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girth 8-10 cm3950 Kč
added: 15.02.2017
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Syringa 'SMSJBP7'
height 20-30 cm399 Kč
height 20-30 cm479 Kč
added: 04.01.2017
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Leucothoe 'Zebenard'
height 20-30 cm750 Kč
added: 15.11.2016
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180 Kč
added: 19.09.2016
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135 Kč
added: 22.07.2016
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LARGE PLANTS over 150 cmspecimens, screening and hedging shrubs

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