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Hydrangea paniculata
255 Kč
330 Kč
height 40-80 cm855 Kč
added: 24.07.2020
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Leucothoe keiskei 'Opstal50'
height 20-30 cm850 Kč
added: 24.07.2020
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Salvia nemorosa
435 Kč
added: 24.07.2020
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Quercus rubra
height of stem 200-210 cm4250 Kč
height of stem 200-210 cm5250 Kč
added: 22.07.2020
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Acer shirasawanum ‚Munn001‘
height 40-50 cm955 Kč
added: 21.07.2020
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280 Kč
added: 20.07.2020
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LARGE PLANTS over 150 cmspecimens, screening and hedging shrubs

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