A small backyard in Zliv - Landscaping

A small backyard in Zlivléto 2007

A married couple from Zliv has traveled a lot and on their journeys they encountered many gardens and styles. I was pleased to learn that they wanted a garden in the English style with lots of green mass and flowers, all joined with pathways.

This plot looked exactly the same as many other gardens where owners do not have an idea about what to do with it.
This house was the last one in a row so had the advantage of open space from one side. The other side was attached to the neighbour's garden which needed to be screened a bit while leaving some space to wave hallo at him.
An interesting feature I was going to use in the project was the wall on the west side of the plot. A fireplace was there, not in use any longer. I had a great plan with it ...
There were 4 plants growing on the plot and all of them were preserved and used the new concept: (1) spruce, (2) sweetgum, (3) dwarf white spruce...
... and the last one (4) was a dwarf arbovitae. Well, I am not a big fan of them but as it was quite large and well looked-after, I spared it :-)
While this corner was so empty, it needed to be filled with something in a decent size to complement the adult trees on the left hand side.
And this is the result. Every inch is filled with life, only the middle part is covered with mulch since the lady of the house's plan was to grow annuals there so she could change them every year.
The budget was for 3 larger specimen plants and the others in medium sizes so that they could make a significant progress already the following year.
And here you can see how the wall changed ...
... and instead of a fireplace there is a water feature. The hard paving is gone, replaced with a small water tank with a pump making the water circulate from the cascade to the minipond.
And as I am always eager to see the developements some time after we finish the garden I came to have a look 3 years later. Here it is, growing, pulsing with life. Especially this wall with a water feature looks idyllic just as it was ment to be.
The lady of the house looks after it, indeed, and changes the central bed with annuals every year so that it always looks lovely.
A perfect Englich garden must not lack a stylish bench, so here it is.
The garden is now full of life, colours and shapes and the owners are very happy about it. So are we and we can't wait to reconstruct another plot! Come and have a look :-)
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