A small lake as in Japanese mountains - Landscaping

A small lake as in Japanese mountainslistopad 2009

This is how it happens - you have a large plot around your house and it is vastly covered with lawn. Even the most beutiful turf gets boring after some time so you decide to create something. And if you don't feel like DIY we are here to get on with it. These customers are our favourite - we have done quite a lot of work there already and we are pleased to be the ones they call evertime they got an idea. This time I was called to come and have a look at something they did without us ... Pity my camera refused to work the day I arrived and could not make a picture of the raw state. They got an excavator, a crane and a truck with giant stones to make something like a stony lake in the middle of mountains. I had to admit it looked fantastic. And even more fantastic was that the creator of this beauty shared my idea that planting was to be a merge of 2 styles: mountainous and Japanese. Let's see if we did it right.

As explained above larger part of the garden had already been made so we had to join the new feature with the existing garden. Wide turf pathways can always do the job in bigger landscapes.
It should be long enough to increase your appetite to go and have a look what is where it ends, and it should have a lot of plants on both sides so you cannot see everthing from the start.
So only when you get closer you can see the whole place in all its beauty.
Spring is manifested by profusely flowering Japanese azaleas and rhododendrons. Behind the fence are large street trees but yet we planted specimen shrubs just behind the lake to make the atmoshere around more intimate.
"Golden Gate" rhododendron with bell-shaped flowers.
Above the lake we placed an essential feature of all Japanese gardens - a Japanese maple with dissected foliage.
Why the mountain style? Water is driven from the upper part of the garden where a little brook was made with assembled stones, and where mountain pines and ferns are grown.
In order to avoid any disturbance from other parts of the garden this place was hidden with a small pine wood just behind the bench where the owners can sit and relax, looking at the calm water level.
And then autumn comes and suddenly the scenery is a way different.
Japanese maple looks like a case for a fire brigade.
Soft autumn sun creates an amazing, almost fairy-tale-like, dreamy atmosphere.
Here you can see how carefully the stones were selected - some even have moss on them which is a countermark of time.
And the little pine wood behind the bench got a bit taller.
Now tell me - would you be able to guess that behind those trees and shrubs there is a beautiful Japanese-like pond? A perfect disguise :-) So see you next time!
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