Mini-beds and mini-borders - Landscaping

Mini-beds and mini-bordersléto 2008

Lanscaping "a garden" at this house was quite unusual and the word garden deserves to be in quotation marks. The area for beds and borders was extremely limited. Nevertheless, the owner of the house and his wife did not want to settle for something just nice (or at least nicer than the current state) but something truly amazing. They were sure that even such space can be transformed into something worth admiring every day. That was a challenge!

Seing the garden for the first time it was clear that the landscape designer who worked on this before us undersestimated its potential. He used weak and dull looking plants that could not satisfy customer's hunger for vital jungle.
Dwarf pines were good to keep. They only needed to be mixed with other plants whose habit would either contrast or complement them.
And another thing was worth preserving - scarlet firethorn on trellis. Its bright orange and yellow berries are highlights of autumn gardens.
So we let the garden bloom ... hydrangeas, African blue lily, lily-of-the-valley shrub, ferns for smoothing effect and cut-leaf ivy to climb up the walled-fence.
Colours are present here even in off-blooming season. This Japanese maple is deep burgundy red and is surrounded by various shades of green and plants with variegated foliage.
The plants are put close to one other for the jungle effect, however, they still have to behave and the path needs to remain free for walking and especially running = there are many kids playing on this ground.
The owner is fond of ivies, espceiallythe one with larger leaves. That is why they are in more parts of the garden. Either climbing ...
... or this shrubby form "Arborescens".
Flowers are here all season long. In early summer there Endless Summer® hydrangeas.
Bull´s Eye mountain laurel
Tiger Play® lily
scarlet firethorn
African lily
Rosalinda pieris
Even though the "garden" ocurrs only attached to the walls and nearby it offers plenty of green mass which please the eyes of its owners. This photo is a combination of two snapshots to give you a better idea of what it looks like when look at both sides of the sam aisle.
LARGE PLANTS over 150 cmspecimens, screening and hedging shrubs

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