Private garden in Bukovec near ČB - Landscaping

Private garden in Bukovec near ČBjaro 2011

This garden is a typical example of a medium-sized landscape job we do for our customers. Not small, not large, just average. The customers have a newly built house near the woods and want to enjoy a flowering garden that will still have enough space for their little daughter.

The gardening work did not last more than a week. Young parents wanted to have a good selection of fruit trees and shrubs, too, so that the little girl (and possibly further kids) had something to eat fresh off the tree.

The garden was almost empty when we first visited the plot. Only along the front path there were lines with tiny box plants.
As it was in the middle of February it was quite cold but still - there was one advantage ...
... it was easy to draw a situation of future beds in fresh snow. So the family could easily imagine how the space will change.
My idea is that the fron part of every garden is the top important. And since it is in use 12 months a year it should be mostly evergreen so you can ejoy looking at it even on the coldest days of winter months. This is the result, photo taken in April ...
... and this one is from October of the same year.
The customer likes pebbles in garden design so all we did was to make a dividing line where to use bark mulch and weher pebbles will look good. This is in April ...
... and this is October.
Spread out toys just confirm that the garden is in everday use :-)
Their wish was to keep some of the fantastic view of the countryside and the woods nearby the trees and shrubs chosen are small to mid-sized so that they just fit it nicely, not making a solid screen.
One garden is finished and growing so let´s dive into another one :-)
LARGE PLANTS over 150 cmspecimens, screening and hedging shrubs

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