Centrum lékařské genetiky České Budějovice - Landscaping

Centrum lékařské genetiky České Budějovice2010-2016

Centrum lékařské genetiky is a unique and renowned medical centre for prenatal genetic diagnosis in České Budějovice, in the south of Czech Republic. Mothers-to-be as well as women who have problems becoming pregnant seek this place for professional help and effective treatments. The owners of this centre, well aware of the sensitivity of this matter, set quite straight-forward requirements regarding the furnishings of the building and its vicinity. Clients should feel warm and pleasant environment from the very moment they open their car doors in the parking lot, and our task was to create this green welcome all around the building and parking area.

We started in 2010 and added a bit here and there every other year. The last addition was made in 2016 and in my opinion the place is complete but you never know :-)

The area to be used was really small.
In front of the building there was a stripe of about half a meter only.
In spite of that exactly here welcoming green was supposed to thrive.
And the truth is that plants don't really thrive in asphalt ...
But of course everything is possible ... in the end :-)
And it looked good already in its first year.
The view of the front was much softer and pleasant with all the green colour around.
And this is history and proof that never stays the same. Owing to CCTV requirements it had to be moved into an entirely different garden.
Two years later the plants grew beautifully and ...
... and new areas were ready to be landscaped.
So we did. Evergreens.
This is what they looked like 4 years after.
View from the end of the path.
The front garden is flourishing and casting desired shade.
Plants are rich and healthy.
And some are richer than others :-)
Still I would like to know in which universe dogwoods bloom in autumn when their leaves change colours ...
I must say I am very pleased with the way this garden looks after 6 years. With minimum maintenance the plants are vital and healthy, so I wish they stay so for at least another 60 years!
LARGE PLANTS over 150 cmspecimens, screening and hedging shrubs

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